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    We only have that one company address - as found on the invoice, imprint on the website or sender address on the parcel(s) that we send :-)

    Please include a short letter, so my employees know what to doParce

    Parcel with the Indy was send on the 3rd of April and online report sais that since 05/04 has been send a note for delivery but still no delivery.

    Could you please check the problem? Tracking code : RE802438365GR (Should be through DHL Paket service)

    Dear Jens,

    I regret to inform you that also with the other Amiga 500 rev6a the problem persist. With the Indy attached black screen but booting. No video output. With the flash tool disk same behaviour two lights up pause and the blind command still no work. The Amiga is tested to work good otherwise. I think that I have to send it back to find the problem.

    Please send me the shipping details and all needed materials from me to help you solve the problem.


    Null Modem cable yes but How to connect two amiga's liitle bit more than me.

    Anyway I will try if you send some more details.

    I was thinking just to put the indivision in the other amiga and flash it there. whouldn't this work?

    If the problem is with my amiga it will work if the problem is still with the indivision it will no work either.

    Thank you Jens for the info How do I send it back?

    By the way reading the last post from brostenen I am waiting another amiga 500 rev 6A by the 28th of February.

    It is said that is working.

    Do you want me to try to flash it on that Amiga and then to see what is happening?

    At the moment I have only a 1200 machine with an indivision MK2Cr working good.

    I am sorry but even like that no change still two blinks pause no flash found. Blindly "Flashtool flash firmware" nothing.

    No accelerator just the 68000 and nothing else atached except the floppy not with 1.3 nor with 3,1 rom.

    I think I need more help

    The unit was just installed on Saturday.

    I did not have the setup I wanted till saturday to install it.

    The setup is an Amiga 500 with TF530 accelerator running with a rom swich 1.3 and 3.1 system..

    Upon installation all worked good. I wanted to play with the config tool to adjust screen resolution and I downloaded the rescue disk from the wiki and the LHA with all the other files. I boot the amiga with the rescue disk but I did not see what happened. I was not in front of the screen,. When I came back it was only black screen. With the Denise chip all works OK.

    Actually i was not aware- I did not understand - what whould do this DISK.

    it is not so clear described in the WIKI. I just wanted to check it up. The problem is that I was not there to see what to do.

    Hi unfortunately i have to request your help for a recent buy of V2 Indivision #order#ID 46717.

    I downloaded the rescue ADF and unfortunately i boot with this floppy unattended and this ended to a black screen amiga 500.

    Upon loading again this floppy the power led is blinking twice and pause that means according to the Wiki Flash Not Found.

    I tried blindly to execute Flashtool flasjh firmware with no luck.

    How can I find a solution?