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    The Uridium2 problem happens here, too - so it's an incompatibility rather than a random bug, and not SD-card related - I'll see what I can figure out.

    Thanks. Did you try Super Off Road whdload? When do you think we can try out the new core?

    turrican9: Those illegal instruction -problems sound familiar. I tested whdload games a lot with TC64v1 some years ago. Eventually I got problematic games (at least these: Fire and ice, Gods, Rainbow islands, Paradroid 90, Super offroad, Uridium 2, Virocop) working, when choosing 68000. Similar settings but with 68010 or 68020alpha resulted always illegal instruction.

    I tried selecting 68000 and 68010 but then my classic workbench image would not work properly. But thanks for confirming.

    Writing to ADFs is currently broken (the control CPU runs too fast and gets ahead of the FPGA, it seems.) As for the other problems, I've changed quite a lot behind the scenes, so there's probably no point bug-hunting until the next release is out, since some of them might have gone away already, or changed into different bugs by now.

    I'll be posting an update video soon to whet your appetite...!

    It looked like writing to ADF worked in the AGA core. At least it didn't give me the 'error 27' the ECS core gave me. When do you think the next release will be out? Really looking forward to that. Your doing some great work here

    I'm not much into Amiga debugging, but... perhaps if you can supply the exact error message someone could track down what opcode the problem ist?

    I think it's messing with my SD card again as I got an 'Alert: Wrong dirblock.....' after it had booted classic workbench. Posted a picture below (Photo 1535).

    Also, one picture (Photo 1536) from when Super Off Road crashes back to Workbench after trying to start up. Then the other picture (Photo 1537) a similar error message after Uridium II crashes back to workbench

    So was playing some PGA Tour Golf (Not PGA European Tour) WHDLOAD. Played it for a short while and it crashed back to classic workbench with an illegal exception error that had a code in it. I think this is a similar error I've seen in a few other whdload titles. So this is not happening on my real WHDLOAD Amigas in those same games. I think I read somewhere that robinsonb5 said the 68020 code is not 100% compatible yet. Could that be the reason for these errors? Uridium II crashes back to workbench. I think with a similar error. If I let Lotus II run in demo mode for a short while it crashes in a similar way. I believe Super Off Road crashed to workbench with this illegal exception error after it attempted to load the game aswell. Deluxe Galaga hangs with a black screen.

    Edit: I made an OCS A500/68000 profile and tried the ADF version of Super Off Road. Got a guru when trying to load the game. Same ADF version did work on one of my real Amigas. Will experiment with other cracked versions of the game.

    Edit 2: I tried another Super Off Road ADF that did work. Is saving to ADFs not supported with the minimig? I tried making a new player in PGA Tour Golf and minimig told me 'write error 27'. Same thing happened in Wings when I tried to save

    Edit 3: Found by searching in the forums that this 'Error 27' is a bug that will get fixed in the next release.

    Edit 4: Did not get this 'Error 27' in the minimig AGA core

    I have also seen this - not only with the minimig core. Perhaps related to the primary/alternative FAT?

    I formatted using 4KB clusters in FAT32. Because there are so many small files in the C64 gamebase that it would take up insane space if I selected larger clusters. Maybe FAT32 or certain cluster sizes could cause this problem?

    That's great - I set it downloading before heading into work, so hopefully the file will be waiting for me on my return. I don't think the filesystem was corrupted - but there's likely to be a bug in the file creation / saving code in the Minimig core's OSD firmware which doesn't show up on "fresh" filesystems.

    Thanks. Before I re-formatted the card I also tried the regular ECS minimig core. So the same thing happened on both AGA and ECS cores. You're probably right because everything else was working fine. Updating D64 images or making savegames inside of whdload Amiga games. If it's a bug in the minimig core I hope it's not too hard to fix.

    SDXC cards probably won't work - I haven't tested with those yet - and they certainly won't work while they're still ExFAT formatted. SDHC cards should be fine.

    Your problem with the config file is probably at the filesystem level rather than the physical storage level - if you can send me an image of the card at some point (or perhaps the first megabyte or two of the card, so I can see its file tables) I may be able to see what's going on. Were there already a lot of files in the card's root before you tried to write the config file?

    So I uploaded the image and PM-ed you a link. However, I have now re-formatted the SD card and tried to only put the Amiga HD image on it. And now minimig will write the config file just fine to it. Am currently copying over the C64 gamebase and the other stuff I had on it. So we will see if it still works fine after that. Something must have happened to the filesystem like you mentioned. Will report back

    SDXC cards probably won't work - I haven't tested with those yet - and they certainly won't work while they're still ExFAT formatted. SDHC cards should be fine.

    Your problem with the config file is probably at the filesystem level rather than the physical storage level - if you can send me an image of the card at some point (or perhaps the first megabyte or two of the card, so I can see its file tables) I may be able to see what's going on. Were there already a lot of files in the card's root before you tried to write the config file?

    Good to know about the SDXC cards. No, there were not alot of files in the root of the card. However, if I remember correctly this might have been a used card I bought from ebay. But I did format it with FAT32. I could make an image of it with winimage, upload it to my google drive and pm you a link

    Yes, it can be picky - and the code which creates config files isn't well tested. There are two different modes for HDF access - one assumes that the HDF contains a RigidDiskBlock just like a regular hard drive would, and the other mode creates a suitable RDB on the fly - it's possible that the second TC64 was using the wrong mode until you copied the config file from the other card.

    I still cannot save to the config files I copied. do you know if an SD adapter with a micro SDHC card in it is compatible with the TC64 V2? And what about the SDXC cards?

    Edit: So I took a look. The SD card that has issues writing the config file with the minimig core is a 16GB SanDisk Ultra rated at 30MB/sec. The one that writes the config file just fine is a SanDisk Ultra 16GB rated at 80MB/sec. So I could just order more of these. I would like to have some spare SD cards anyway.

    btw, is the minimig core picky about SD cards? Because I have two TC64 V2s and they each have a 16GB Sandisk SD card. They are slightly different versions Sandisk cards. I flashed my other chameleon with the same stuff and put the hdf file on it's SD card. For some reason it cannot create the config files when I try to save from the minimig menu. And I couldn't load the hdf image properly. Just told me it couldn't find one of the partitions. Strange. SD card is making savegames (updating) D64 images just fine. I tried the card from the other TC64 and it worked just fine in this TC64.

    Edit: I had to copy the config file from the other SD card. And now my hdf image works properly. I can even do savegames inside of whdload games. But still cannot save the config in the minimig menu to this sd card. It must be that it's being picky on this particular SD card. As I said, I tried the one from the other TC64 and it would save the config to that one. So no point reflashing the core I guess.

    Thanks for the info! I will flash an A600 3.1 rom then! Support for real A500 keyboard in the future would be awesome! I will report if I find other whdload games that will work in my real Amiga whdload setups and not in the TC64 V2. Thanks again!

    Tried the AGA core and kickstart 3.1 again. Managed to get into the minimig menu and changed the CPU to 020 Alpha. And now that setup works :) I even got my HD images to work. I had HD images from my real Amigas. They were 'vhd' files. I just renamed one of them to 'hdf' and put it in the root of the SD card. So now I'm whdloading on the TC64 V2 ;) I really like the scanlines in the minimig core. Looks good on my BenQ BL702A. Smooth scrolling and everything :)

    I don't feel any difference between this and my real Amigas. I can hear a slight difference in the music in some games. And of course, since this is an FPGA based unit I feel no input lag compared to my real Amigas. Unlike software emulation which I find horrible with regards to input lag and jerky scrolling.

    I haven't tried yet, but I think I read somewhere that a real A500 keyboard will not work yet if you plug it into the docking station? Using an old PS2 keyboard now. Works just fine.

    Very, very nice setup :)

    Happy I bought two TC64 V2s. One for C64 cartridge mode and one for standalone mode with the docking station ;)

    Edit: A couple of whdload games that are working on my real whdload Amigas are not working with the TC64 V2 thus far. Like Super Deluxe Galaga and Super Off Road. Haven't really tried that many games yet, but most of the ones I've tried works on the TC64 V2.

    At a guess, I'd say you probably have a ROM file that needs 68020, and the core defaults to 68000. Try opening the OSD with F12 (might be tricky while the machine's in a crash loop) and setting the CPU to '020. Or try a different ROM file.

    I have been trying the two different A1200 roms. So maybe that's the issue then. But since I tried the AGA minimig core it's a little bit strange if that one also is set to 68000 as default. Thanks. will try your suggestions and report back


    I have followed instructions and flashed minimig core to tc64V2. I've tried both the latest ECS and AGA minimig cores. I have copied necessary files to the root of the SD card as per instructions.

    It attempts to boot. I can see the boot screen and it successfully load the rom file it seems. But then the screen starts to blink between pitch black and a more lighter black. The green light on the TC64V2 also blinks. It will stay like this.

    What could be the issue? btw, I am using the BenQ BL702A monitor

    That looks like it isnt even showing the entire picture, so god knows what it does. In any case, if you connect a C64 to a classic CRT TV which was factory calibrated, then the left border will be slightly wider than the right border (about one character, ie 8 pixels).

    I have no clue what it's doing. It will allow for smooth scrolling though. Of course it has quite bad vertical lines and checkerboard pattern. My main setup is the TC64 V2 and BenQ BL 702A. Gives a much better picture than any LCD TV that's connected with S-video or Composite.