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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Okay, but I guess the missing update is not the problem.

    But I will update it.

    And I will try it with a fresh SD-Card.

    For more details: I created with F4 a new .d64, mounted it with C= and m, startet "Fast Hack'em", selected "Nibble two Drive Copy", copied the whole "Laser Basic Compiler" Disk from a 1541 II (Commodore DOS, JiffyDos bugs) on #9 to TC2 on #8, entered the TC2 Main Menu, agreed updating .d64, after then it's bigger before.

    Even with AR6 Backup or Filecopy I didn't succeed. *THIS* makes it even more strange to me.

    With this procedure I copied the most Stuff with success, except a few Disks like mentioned before.

    Does none else has the same problem?

    Sometimes I´m creating a .d64, copying stuff into it by using a 1541 II on #9, with Fast Hackem, Action Replay Backup or Filecopy etc.

    After copying the stuff I´m going back to TC´s Main Menu, I answer "Disk Image(s) have changed" with "update" and then... my .d64 has no longer the correct 174848 Bytes! It´s getting bigger, the actual Test-Image has 183044 Bytes and can´t be mounted anymore, due "UNSUPPORTED D64 IMAGE SIZE"...!

    So some Disks are able to be copied, some aren´t, no matter how often I try.


    got the long awaited TC2 today! I´m using it with my C64c ASSY466 and an 8GB SD Card FAT32 formatted, working pretty well with my SD2IEC.

    My Problem: I´m able to access the SD-Card with the intern filebrowser, but NOT in Commodore Basic with @$ f.e.

    All I got is a "?74, drive not ready,00,00"

    Drive settings > Emu Drive 1: 8 / IEC Bus Connection: Normal (Internal) / Real C64 IEC Bus: On

    What´s going wrong?