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    I'm trying to play Monstro Giganto on my Chameleon v1 in a docking station. The EasyFlash image mounts correctly however all I get is a blue BASIC screen with four inverse letters - "ABCC" the same every time. I'm using the latest 9o firmware with no turbo or other unusual settings. Other EasyFlash and cart images work fine. Debug overlay shows the C64 is still running.

    I've also used the SD card in my Ultimate 64 with an adapter successfully, so I know my SD card isn't corrupt.

    Is it a known issue?


    I've done the following to get printing working:

    Reset the TC to defaults;

    Tried to print, nothing - device not found, so power cycled the printer while the C64 is on;

    Can now print;

    Add drive in TC menu and return to BASIC;

    Trying to print hangs the IEC until I power cycle the printer again;

    Print again and it works;

    With the printer connected I occasionally get "device not found" when trying to access a newly mounted D64 image in device 8.

    I can only assume that the MPS1230 does something odd or perhaps doesn't like being the only device on the IEC bus?

    I've connected my MPS1230 to my C64 to print some novelty Christmas banners, however the C64 gives a "device not found" error when trying to access the printer on device 4 or 5. With the TC removed, the printer is working fine as expected.

    I'm sure I read somewhere that printing isn't supported, however I cannot find it in any of the documents so may be thinking of a different cart.

    Any suggestions or are IEC printers unsupported by the Chameleon?



    As soon as I select Network the game hangs. Works in Vice with the same disk image.

    I have clock port set to auto in the Chameleon config; do I need to do anything else to activate the RRnet?