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    Hi Jens,

    My 2630 doesn't have the full 4MB it's a 2MB model. I've replaced all relevant caps in the power supply, which seems to improve stability. But the combination of the 68882 and the BigRam doesn't even boot reliably, and when it does, guru's after a few seconds.


    Ok, the power supply might indeed be the problem, machine is still not stable enough to make it through an install of NetBSD :(

    I'll update this post when I've replaced all capacitors in my power supply.

    Hi Jens,

    It's a (never overclocked) 25MHz model.

    I've removed the 68882, and now everything seems to work ok. I've read elsewhere that it's a capacitance problem, and either the copro or memory beyond the 2MB causes problems. Is there any way to make the card work with the 68882 connected? I could do without the 2MB, but would really like to use the 68882, is desoldering the onboard memory of the a2630 going to help?

    Hi, I've got some problems with my recently bought BigRam 2630.

    My configuration is an Amiga 2500 Rev 6.2 with an A2630 Rev 9 (v7 ROMs) 2Mb, Buddha IDE (also tested without).

    Sometimes the amiga shows a white screen, sometimes Guru Meditation #00000004.00001970, and sometimes it boots Workbench (1.3), shows me the correct amount of memory, and then stops responding.

    Do you have any idea what might be going on, and what my next step to get the memory working should be?

    Hi Jens,

    I know about the hot-plugging, the cards were cold-plugged. As this didn't work, I tried hotplugging (first using FAT, afterwards using an installed AmigaOS).

    The pins all look ok to me, I've visually inspected the solder joints, which seem ok as well.

    I've ordered some more CF cards, just in case there is a problem with mine, and report on the issue in a few days.


    First of all, thanks for creating this wonderful device!

    But unfortunately I can't use the aux slot at all. Inserting a card when workbench booted crashes the machine, and when the slot is occupied pre-boot, the boot LED flashes shortly, and then the machine crashes.. I've tried several CF cards, even the one I installed workbench on, and they all display the same behaviour. Tried it with and without an X-Surf 500, and I'm using ACA500p ROM v0.129 (as provided when I ordered). When I disable the AUX CF slot, the machine boots (though the AUX LED does display some light, at, say, 10% brightness).

    What could be wrong with my setup?