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    Hi iComp!

    I have only opened my Turbo Chameleon i got years ago to install the RR-Net and after i re-assembled it carefully, the case was all good and nice, I used it for a while and then stored it in a safe place, and i noticed after picked it up again there is these thin cracks in the yellow plastic that makes it look quite ghetto. I use it mainly in DOCK mode as for my Reloaded Motherboard i use the 1541u2 (I know i swear in church.) but i would like to know if it's possible to obtain a case that is not cracked and pay for it? Also the Breakout cable for the Chameleon if it's possible to obtain a second one? Cause i thought i lost mine and was looking for it for days, to find it stored in the original box for some reason.

    Thanks for great products for my Amigas and C64's and Happy New Year!