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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Hello angelomilone1976 i used a Vampire in my A2000 once, all my other cards stopped working. The autoconfig was missing in the Vampire so compatibility was zero in my case. However could be that those things have been fixed with the 1200 model. So you just have to by it and try it, i guess.

    The 1260Blizzard works like a charm on my ACA500Plus, but then again Phase5/DCE were the fastest cards around those days. Anyway i am waiting on the ACA2000, then that 1260 will get a decent fit for once :-D.

    I was considering the same thing as above, would you not be able to produce such adapter? Perhaps with a upgrade for Zorro expansion handeling in firmware on the ACA500plus? Those cf slots might be expanded with a cable to a 3.5" bay, except for the freezer function that is.

    Could be sold as a nice upgrade set.

    Kind regards,


    Goodmorning dear Icomp,

    I have a question regarding the indivision for the 1200.

    Being impressed with the clarity and sharpness i was wondering why i get chunks of data in the display that don't make sense. In the native amiga resolution i do not get any hassle, i just appears when i select a higher resolution. Yet i remember you fixed my ECS500 a while ago because it was more sensitive to "noise'. Can't help thinking this might be a similar issue.

    See the small clip (stripes appear next to the word "Prefs")

    Kind regards,