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    Hi Jens. Keep up the great hardware-work :)

    Thanks for the clarification on the memory question. Now I know that it is a correct behaviour that it allocates a chunk of my fastmem when I choose the RTG mode under screenmode. Great to know the reason behind the behaviour. Thankx!!!

    If I press "PAUSE" on the ps/2 keyboard while I am in the main menu of the TC a rasterbar is appearing for a fraction of a second randomly placed in the border (white color rasterbar). Just wondering if you can try to reproduce it and tell my what the reason is. I am just askin out of curiosity :)

    To reproduce: power on TCv2 with latest 9o FW and while in the main menu, press PAUSE 2-3 times a second for a while to see the gfx artifact.


    Hi Jens. Just wondering about my question above from aug18. Is it correct that by changing to a p96 rtg screenmode, the driver allocatea an equal portion from fastmem to allocate as buffer (e.g. For when using screen dragging) ? I am in this example asking on a generic basis for instance a4000 with a picasso4 gfx card (not askin in a TC minimig rtg context). Because if it is so, that the rtg driver allocates a buffer from fastmem, I understand. If it does not allocate it, I think there might be a bug 😅 Just trying to find a answer as to why my fastmem goes down when I enable a rtg mode under prefs/screenmode.


    Thanks for the reply. Yep, I am using a TC and Alastair's minimig-rtg driver is setup to allocate 1MB (new setting in tooltype to define "onboard" RTG ram). So when I load the driver in AmigaOS it allocated that 1MB. But as soon as I change from PAL to any RTG mode, it takes 0,7MB from my fastmem when I use a screenmode of 1024x768x8bit so I was wondering: Why does also allocate another 0,7MB from fastmem and not use that already allocated 1MB in the rtg-driver ? Are you saying that these 0,7MB is the "buffer" which is taken by P96 ?

    I am wondering: Is it normal that P96 «takes» fastmem equivalent to the resolution which you set in screenmode ? For instance: If I set 1024x768x8bit i notice that suddenly 700KB is gone from my available fastmem. If I set for instance 1250x720x8bit it eats up 900KB.

    Is this P96 just grabbing a framebuffer-size to enable double buffering or other calculations ?

    Can it be related to screen-dragging which now is available in P96 ?

    (I am using latest P96 version for this test)


    Sorry, I will try to rephrase:

    1. Clicking F11 or Black button = Go To Cham Main Menu

    2. Holding F11 or Black button for a few seconds then releasing it = No function

    3. Clicking F12 or White button = Freeze

    4. Holding F12 or White button for a few seconds then releasing it = Go to Cham Main Menu

    It is behaviour 1 and 4 in the list above I am referring to as they do the same thing with default button config in the menu.

    Ah, yes -- I did not know it was only capable to do RX. Ok -- I'll put the idea to rest :D

    The IEC indeed is working fantastically in the latest minimig core with a NodeMCU and 57k6bps serial speed for internet connection. Use it daily :)

    Out of curiosity -- what is the maximum theoretical bandwidth on the IR port if one was to have some fun with it and use it for something else than the CDTV remote ;-)
    For instance file transfer to something external. Are we talking just a few kB/sec or are we in the hundreds of kb/sec area ?

    For instance: If two TC's is placed beside eachother and wants to link games :D (I am just brainfartin here)

    Well -- hires graphic modes had single pixel width and that looks quite nice, so I think they did it not for the esthetical reasons but for either A) Lazyness/time constrains OR B) Something else :-D :-D I dunno... since hires looks nice, it would be strange that they'd claim charset 1pixel width lines would not.

    Or am I missing somthing ? :)

    Hi. In latest core version for the TC, when I click F11 once I get back to Cham main menu. But if I HOLD F11 for a few seconds --- nothing happens. Bug ?

    If I press F12 once it freezes into cartridge (no problem there) but if I HOLD F12 for a few seconds and release it, it also goes back to Cham main menu (almost like pressing F11 is the same as holding F12 for a few secs).

    I know there is something in the manual about holding down longer than 0.7seconds but this double-functoinality of F11 and F12 almost looks like a bug since there is overlapping functions here.


    Scroll lock would work just fine as well. The minimig core uses pause key for this, but since pause on c64core = restore, I agree that using scrlck is a good choice. Thanks for considering adding it.

    PS! The reason I ask is because my keyboard does not have full numpad. This way we can have joy-emu on arrowkeys for those rare occasions when the games plays better with keys vs. a normal joystick.

    Hi. Could you add so that those of us who does not have a full numeric keyboard can press PAUSE once to make arrow-keys = joystick-port1 and then if we press PAUSE once more, it's joystick-port2, and back to no no-emu if it's pressed a third time ?


    I am trying to use the mouse in Operation Wolf but when I start the game, mouse movement is not working 100%. It moves the aim and I can fire bullets, but i can not properly move the aim around on the screen.

    I have the same problem with Advanced Art Studio.

    Anyone here have some experience with using the connected PS/2 mouse to work with c64 games like Operation Wolf (or programs like Adv. Art Studio) ?

    UPDATE: And when I say that it "does not work" in Op Wolf, what happens is that when I physically move the mouse, the aim just moves in one direction until it ends up in the lower right hand corner. The left mouse button (fire) works fine.

    I was hoping to play Op Wolf with mouse as I have been dreaming of that since the 90's :-D

    (Ps! the mouse works fine as I use it on the minimig core daily)

    Please take the time to mount a physical "blocker" for the USB power port of the Chameleon. It should be as simple as a 2x4cm-piece of hard plastic, sheet metal or similar, mounted with two screws (so it won't tilt away) to the side of the black base of the Docking Station.

    I will make sure to do that. Will put a sticker over it for the mean time. It's easy to forget so I'll block it.