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    It's identical, except for a single line, the RTC select line. I didn't bother connecting that, as the Chameleon has it's own RTC. However, you pretty clearly asked for the possibility to connect a 4-way expander, and that's not possible, as these expanders require two more address lines that you can't get anywhere in the Chameleon - they are known only inside the FPGA.

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me. I just needed to know if an extender would work as it would open up for using more peripherals on the clockport_v1 core from Lallafa (or Alastair's new agacore if he find a way to include lallafa's clockportfix). :)

    There is no place where you could connect the additional two address lines that a 4-way clock port expander needs.

    Further, there is no driver for RR-Net on the Amiga, and I would not encourage anyone to write one, as it'll be dead slow and totally not Amiga-worthy without IRQs. The Amiga deserves better. I'm thinking of an adapter that lets you connect the X-Surf-500 between the Chameleon and the Docking station, but need to investigate if we have a sufficient amount of signal lines available.

    Yep. I think I asked about whether it would work on the amiga or not and that it would need a driver but it'd suck the life out of the cpu as it did not support interrupts (if I remember correctly) :) But -- I was mostly just asking electronically in my question above, whether or not the rrnet would still work with the c64core if it was connected via a clockport-extender. But you kind of answered that by informing me that the clockport lacked the extra addresslines.

    Is the clockport on the tc64 not quite alike the clockport on the a1200 pinout-wise ?

    The fully-featured 68000/'020 switchable TG68 takes up around 7,000 logic elements (and uses 2 memory blocks).

    With the '020 stuff disabled to make it a smaller microcontroller it takes up around 4,400 (still using 2 memory blocks).

    My own core, EightThirtyTwo, uses around 1,400 (and no memory blocks) in its smallest configuration as used in the new Minimig core. (This rises to around 2,200 if you enable interrupts, partial result forwarding and dual threads.)

    Nice, so you've freed up about 5600 elements (gates?) in the best case scenario ? That is supernice -- was that the thing which made able to fit a full aga-core ? Out of curiosity, how much free elements are left currently with the current agacore ?

    Jens - we've soon passed 800 members in the TC64 Facebook Group so if you need to spread some info to a large crowd to current and possibly future TC-customers -- just let us know and I'll put it up there. I am the creator of the group and we'd gladly help to spread news and updates there as well.

    As far as I know, the Minimig connector is handled entirely by the docking station's internal microcontroller and not exposed to the FPGA in any way - it's designed to make the Docking Station's ports accessible to a "real" minimig instead of a Chameleon.

    Some context, for the benefit of Jens, Peter and Tobias: a few people are desperate to find some way of giving the TC64's Minimig core some kind of network access, and don't really care how slow it is - so there's some out-of-the-box thinking happening!

    Aha, ok. That makes sense actually, considering its purpose -- the minimig connector, I mean.

    It's fantastic new Dr. Robinson :) May I ask -- did you base it on something or did you implement it from scratch ?

    Nevertheless -- a fantastic job! But, by doing this, you've also welcomed the good old Feature Creep into the game and you've already seen all the wishes and suggestions over at the facebook-group so ..prepare :D :D :D

    PS! Now - where do I send the money.

    @jens/@tobias: Quick question: Will the RRNET3 module in the TC work if I connect a 4-way clockportextender to the tc64 and then plug in the rrnet3 module into the extender (disregard the fact that it physically won't fit :) )

    I am wondering if the clockport of the TC64 is hardware compatible with general clockport-peripherals sold for the Amiga ? I theory -- if Alastair's new AGA core will get clockport-support (like the one for V1 have in the special version(by Lallafa ?)) can we connect clockport-extenders or other clockportperipherals to use on our minimig and use the drivers which is released with the peripheral ? the TC64 clockport a limited/derivative which is only for rrnetmodule on c64core ?

    Just asking to understand if might be a nice expansion-route for the future when the AGA core is out with clockport support (he would maybe look into it)

    Gotcha. Thank for the detailed reply. I will now cry a little an get back in the boat :-D

    Christian Vogelgsang did create a fork of the core (for V1 hardware) some time ago which makes the clock port visible to the Minimig, so it's definitely possible - however it can't work while the TC64's connected to a real C64 - and might even be hazardous to a C64, since (if I understand his blog post correctly) the address and data lines are shared between the cartridge connector and the clockport.…for-chameleon64s-minimig/

    I don't know how difficult it would be to solve that issue - or if it's even possible, but I don't currently have any clockport peripherals for testing, so I'll add that one to the "Maybe one day" list.

    As for P96/RTG support - it would be great to have this, but it's a tremendous amount of work and the result is likely to be pretty slow since we have just a single 16-bit-wide SDRAM chip to work with.

    I would send you and lend my RRNETMK3 for you to develop on as for me it is useless now until the v2_core supports it :) I am sorry can't give it to you for free, but I would send&lend if you want to give it a go. It would, as you said, be most useful for us who use the TC in standalone mode, though. But for me -- that is exactly what I need :D

    YES...networking thru RRNET ...thank too :) It would be SO COOL!!

    What I would die on the hill for is an updated Minimig core! Is there any chance of this? I'd love to see a core coming closer to where MISTer is these days. I'd also die for the Minimig core to be mapped to the 64 keyboard!


    I'll ask robinsonb5 over in the Minimig v2 thread, but last time I asked him he didn't seem too interested in pushing it any further beyond bug fixes.

    Any luck on getting the c64 kbd to work on minimig core ?

    I know this might be a silly question as it is obvious that there isn't one, it possible to someplace pull the userport pins from the TC someplace on the docking (or someplace else ?)

    OR: Is there plans for a more extended docking which has a JTAG where we can pull signals for userport, svideo, ??? :D:D:D