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    Okay, slightly embarrassed. It turns out I simply didn't push hard enough despite feeling like I was about to snap the MotherBoard in half. I took the board out of the case and pushed from both sides and that solved my problem. Thank you Jens it is a great product and thank you for trying to help even though it was my fault.

    Got my new card today, followed the manual closely powered on and only get an image like the attached screenshot. I have tested on two monitors and I get the same result. On a 15kHz monitor, the picture is fine from the Amigas RGB output. I removed and reseated the Indivision a second time and the issue persists and tested from the HDMI and VGA connector, I get the same result. Would someone be able to suggest what I am able to try to resolve this? I feel confident I have pushed the socket onto the Lisa chip firmly enough.