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    Hi Jens.

    All the keyboard I tested so far are genuine PS/2 keyboards.

    I tested all first using an old WIndows XP Athlon FX64 computer fitted with a PS/2 keyboard socket.

    So, now some new interesting results: Today I came back from office with a set of 6 Dell PS/2 AZERTY keyboards, 5 of them with the same formfactor as the one I already have and which fails with Lyra 3.

    I started with the keyboard I borrowed to my friend (as mentionned in my previous message) and everything worked flawlessly as it did last time.

    Then I started to test one by one the "new" Dell keyboards.

    Strangely the first 4 keyboards worked fine (I hotplug the keyboard on Lyra 3 without swiching off the Amiga 2000, is it bad ?).

    While I was testing fine the fith keyboard, suddenly the green lights (CAPS LOCK, NUM LOCK, ...) switched off and the keyboard was no longer responding ! I then tried to connect one by one the previous 4 keyboards but none of them worked !!

    I plugged the keyboard from my friend which already worked fine but each time I tried to connect one of the Dell keyboards, it fails.

    I keep trying mixing connections of "my friend's keyboard" and "Dell keyboards". From time to time, randomly, Dell keyboards seem to working fine again as if connecting "my friend's keyboard" resync something.

    With one of them especially when I connect it no CAPS LOCK/NUM LOCK lights up ... until I hit one key ! No to mention, this keyboard has a little different form factor compared with the others (but is also a DELL Keyboard).

    Thanks for the link to Thomas page, I'll have a look to it shortly.

    Hi Jens.

    Good news "a different keyboard makes a difference" !

    I borrowed 2 PS/2 keyboards from a friend and, YES they both work with Lyra 3 :-).

    The thing is : Why I can't get Lyra 3 works with my DELL PS/2 keyboard although this one works fine with a PC ?

    Next step : Trying to find another DELL PS/2 keyboard at my office basement to see if only mine has this issue or all.

    I'll keep you updated.

    PS : I will re-read the dedicated page on but is there an easy way to reprogram each key so it can match its label ?

    (I mean getting a / if I press / ... etc....

    Hi Jens.

    Thanks for trying to help me.

    The computer is A2000.

    I didn't try again since I received and tested the hardware I received from Amigakit.

    Here is what I wrote to the website when I wanted to declare an issue with the product:


    Once connected to the Amiga 2000 using Lyra 3, the 3 "green lights" of the keyboard light up the go out when I switch on the Amiga 2000 and that's all. The keyboard is not responding and issuing the <Left-Shift>+<Pause> key combination doesn't make any thing (although one of the green lights is supposed to blink).

    I however don't recall if pressing "Caps Lock" has an effect but I think the answer is "NO".
    I'll can setup the A2000 this week-end to perform some new test and give you an actual feedback if needed.