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    Hi Jens, just wanted to know I've shipped the card to you - I can't be sure the shipper included the note so I wanted to post here. Pls test to see if there's a defect in the card - I'd prefer to have a working card rather than a refund.

    I can send you the shipping/order/personal info in an email or PM is that's available here.


    Well I had a friend bring over two additional original C= supplies and had similar issues. Sometimes it'd look perfect, but usually the problem appears in various amounts. On all the C= supplies it looks better than the Meanwell based supply. I've researched new power supplies but having to order one from the EU to the US is a big risk cost-wise and being that none of whats available out there seems to meet the criteria of the power supply FAQ here I think it'd just be a waste of money to try it.

    All the supplies I have here seem to run the 1200 fine with it's ACA1221EC - I really don't have much of a path forward with the Indivision and will have to try some other solution.

    Over the weekend I tried with two stock A1200 power supplies. Using both, the problem was much improved. The corruption still appears, but it will sometimes go away completely and run for long periods of time. I'm going to order a new power supply to test with and see if the problem disappears completely.

    I've linked two videos - the first shows the corruption disappearing, the second shows a lesser amount. BTW the video quality doesn't look nearly as bad as it does in the video - the picture is very crisp aside from the problem on the left.

    You wrote: I assumed that you are not using the VGA connector. Now that I take a look at the surroundings, I see that you're actually using a CRT, where DVI is "more than unlikely" to be used.

    Does it change if you touch Indivision, maybe bend it carefully during operation?

    Sorry you're correct - I'm using VGA not DVI. I have to adapt from DVI to VGA if I use the OSSC so my brain was confused :)

    And sadly no - I tried gently pressing down and flexing the board while it was running and there was no change whatsoever. I reseated both connecters and checked to make sure the pins all looked ok, etc. Also I checked the cabling from the board to the VGA board and reseated all other cables.

    The cable is the built in cable from the VGA monitor - works ok with OSSC/RGB, only displays the color creeping from the Indivision. As far as pixel clock, can that even be adjusted on an old VGA monitor?

    To be clear that corruption moves - it rolls like interference.

    Hi there - I wanted to see if anyone had any advice. I've got a brand new AGAmk3 that I installed into my 1200 about a week ago. It's been working great all week, but tonight I was using it and all of a sudden I noticed some strange artifacts on my screen. Looks like corruption on the left side of the screen and it moves (looks like a sideways spectrum analyzer). I couldn't shoot a good video but the pic shows what it generally looks like.

    I removed both boards and reinstalled them, ensure they were pressed in all the way, checked all the cables and connectors, etc. I'm using the DVI connector if it matters. I also tested the Amiga RGB output directly using an OSSC on the same monitor and everything looked fine.

    Any suggestions as there's not much I can do. Thanks!