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    I went back into HDtoolbox because I remembered something about CF when I mounted them. It sees the drive as a FC-1307 SD to CF Adapter.

    I was just hoping that this could get closer to the ~3mb limit of the zorro bus.

    When you say "software", are you talking about the firmware on the Buddha? I ask because I didn't use the DOM to install. Is there anything else I need to install for the Buddha on the workbench side?


    I've been battling issues with a Amiga 3000 desktop that I installed a A3660. After many attempts to load 3.1.4/BestWB/MMULIB on it with a scsi2sd adapter, I gave up and tried the Buddha IDE. (There's a few issues with timing with a 3000/A3660 due to the dmac/ramsey/scsi chip as I've learned) Thankfully it seems the system works with the Buddha IDE now and no longer corrupts the hard drive. I am searching for a little more speed out of the setup though. Currently I only see 1.5mb from the drive. From the literature it would seem I should be able to double this speed. Is there anything I can try tweaking or changing on my setup?

    Amiga 3000 Desktop

    16mb ram/2mb chip

    A3660 V1.0 (68060)

    Buddha IDE 20th anniversary edition

    IDE to SD adapter with microcenter 64gb SD card. (Class 10)

    Block size set to 4096, 30 buffers