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    Please, read the entire line. It says: "I've created the flash disk and booted from it. I don't know if it works because I don't see nothing than glitches on screen." I'ts obvious that i'ts not updated because of that.

    I've two questions:

    1 - Why do you not send the cards with the last update?. Customers will appreciate.

    2 - How in a 1200 in which everything works fine, and of course, all the video outputs, the only device that fails to work is the MK3, even with a re-solder of Lisa and all the steps to verify that the 1200 are OK?. Of course the MK3 doesn't works on my other 1200.

    The MK3 that I've sent to you maybe works on your computer, but it also needs to work on mine. This is not the case. I don't want this unit that I've initially received.

    In order to respect the European laws of guaranty, I chose to receive another new card, different of that I've purchased. Of course, I appreciate that you verify that this one works fine on more than one computer and are updated with the latest firmware.


    Hello Jens,

    I've payed (40€) an electronic store to do the re-soldering operation. If you need the invoice, I can send it to you by pm.

    After that I've plugged the MK3 and the problem still here. Glitches and more glitches.

    I think that I've been cooperative and patient and done all that I can to solve the problem, but I'm tired to do all these things and payed for something that turned out to be useless. Now I want a definitive solution to my problem because my MK3 doesn't work.

    I want a MK3 that works because that's what I paid for.

    What solution can you propose to me?.


    I understand your deduction but:

    1- The OSD is not realy visible. We can guess the GUI under the glitchy screen. My A1200 sends an image but it's not well diplayed throught the MK3.

    2. If Lisa has a bad solder issue, without the MK3 pluged, the image must to be always bad or almost sometimes. Instead, when the MK3 is not pluged, the image is always perfect. Each time I plug the MK3, the image are glitchy. Something happens between Lisa and the monitor, and the only thing I've changed in my config is that I've added the MK3.

    To proove that my config is not faulty, I can do a video, starting with a non mounted MK3 with perfect image and then, plug the MK3 and see how it glitches. Of course, all in a continuous video.

    Hello Jens,

    Done. I've used a clean soft paint brush. The mainboard was not realy dirt, but who knows. After that, I've pushed gently but firmely until a "clic" sounds and the card deosn't move at all. The board are firmely adjusted to socket and, as you said, I can lift the board =O.

    Some pics of the different elements:

    Another idea?

    Maybe is a simple case of DOA. I'ts anoying, but it can happen.



    I see an original Amiga PSU on your Desk - please use this one for another test.

    I've tried with my original Amiga PSU. The screen does the same glitch screen. I've recorded another video if you want to see it.

    I see that your PSU are out of stock, so I can't test with it.

    Another idea?

    Please also read our PSU FAQ - you've been fooled into thinking that the Elektroware thing is suitable for an Amiga, but it is not. It violates three out of three key specifications from Commodore. The best thing to do is to send it back for a refund due to false advertising.

    I've read all the post. It's very interesting and complete.

    I've bought the PSU more than two years ago, so the return option is not an... option. In fact, it works well and I don't have the engineering or lawer skills to prove that it doesn't comply with Commodore standards. I prefer to buy yours as soon as it's available.

    Can't download the dropbox thing - I'd have to poke too many holes into my security. However, the picture looks like your monitor can either not display the output format, or the cable is not connected properly.

    Are you using HDMI or VGA? Did you try a lower output resolution with the Configtool?

    That A1200-specific PSU, what vendor is it?


    The cables are properly connected, if not, the logo with MK3 specs doesn't appear at boot.

    About cables I've used, not only one, but 6 of them. 3 HDMI and 3 VGA. All of them works fine on other systems. The monitors also works well with my orther computers.

    I've tried PAL Low and High res but nothing changes. Even the menu that appears in the two mouse button press in start-up sequence are not visible with MK3.

    This is the link for the specs of my PSU:

    (link to known-bad PSU removed)


    P.S.: Try to open the Dropbox video link with a slave/dumb/test computer. The problem appears clearly.


    This is my first post and I'm glad to participate on this forum.

    I've an issue with the card I've received recently. An Indivision MK3. It have never worked good. You can see the problem in

    the video link below and in this image:…Indivision%20MK3.mp4?dl=0

    MK3 cfg are same as received in box. I've tried with and without CIA adapter. I've tested 3

    monitors, VGA and HDMI output on both, 3 differents cables on both systems (VGA and HDMI), with

    and without Phase5 1260 card, CF HD and, even without any expansion

    (factory config 1200 on PAL mode), it doesn't display any correct image.

    The PSU are new and works fine. I'ts specific for A1200 and not a PC one.

    Of course, without the card, the image looks good. I've followed the steps

    on the manual of the MK3 for installation.

    Can you tell me if there is a problem with the unit that I've received

    and need a new one or is something else?