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    Hello all,

    I own three Indivision ECS flicker fixers (yes, the old V1) from way back.

    I finally got around to figuring out how to flash to the new firmware.

    All were on v1.01, purchased in 2016 I think, so why they were on v1.01? No updates before shipping? Old stock?


    I updated to v1.15, the latest firmware on an A500+, ACA500Plus etc. Files from Indivision Wiki page.

    In the flashing utility it shows v1.15 as the current version after the power cycle, but on the ECS bootscreen it shows v1.10

    That's not what it was, v1.01, but also not what it should be, v1.15?

    This happens on all units, and I've re-run the flash update again.

    Can't figure out what I did wrong....

    Is this the best and latest firmware?

    Thanks for any clarity.


    Robert Geux

    Tilburg (NL)