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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.


    Update my one A600 with ROM 3.2 and first panic and shock.

    After some test is confirmed: ACA 630 not working (only black screen, no disk click, not possible enter to Early setup) together with ROM 3.2

    (3.1.4 works ok), A600 rev. 2.D, "A300" or too rev.1.5 - problem is 100% ACA 630 vs. ROM 3.2

    Please any idea and reason? Know problem or new info?

    Regards, Sveta

    OK. First then preventive exchange LS245 IC in SOP-20 package - right?

    Buddha Flash has 4x this LS245 then all exchange or you have please recommendation on direct 100% defective (only one?) LS245 (when e.g. Friend at test really inserted wrong)

    What is interesting - Buddha works ok and problem come really first after flashing with latest device in my A2000D.

    Many thanks and after exchange write here news. First must find/order right package LS245 ICs.

    100% NO

    Problem come really first after flashing im Amiga. Never inserted wrong. No problem public my 64k files (v103.17 + v52.101) for check but here probably all ok. (standart duplicating 32k to 64k ($0000 + $8000))

    Possible problem/contact in PLCC socket for flash chip? when card is still recognized in Amiga as working, vendor ok and flashBUDDHA tool too all ok:

    found BUDDHA controller number 0 at address $00E9...

    serial ID $00000003

    ROM size is 64kB.

    flashing now...

    or bad flash AMD chip after flashing in Amiga? (but in programmer all ok)

    On this Buddha works only AMD flash? I have here new 28F512 but from ST (probably ST vendor not working at direct flashing in Amiga but with programmer and after programming back to Buddha?)


    Thanks for info about archive. I know 64k chip need duplicate the 32k content. I have test with programmer and duplicated V52.101 to flash 28F512

    I have reccaped original A2000 PSU and test too with others original PSU.

    I know and have too first Buddha 1997 IDE (eprom 27C256) in my collection - here works V52.101 great - informed too here in forum.

    Maybe is problem at my duplicate the 32k content - please is possible post here or via email V52.101 as finished 64k bin file direct for programmer? (compare with my 64k bin file V52.101 and for new programming test in programmer)

    Thanks for support.


    This Buddha Flash (gold edition 1998) with 28F512 Flash chip works before flashing perfect. (original old EB device)

    After flashing "flashBUDDHA Buddha_ROM_52-101.bin" (flashing without any problem, Buddha found, ID 003, 64kB ROM detected too OK) and reset is all ok in early startup (vendor, working status) BUT in Workbench already no any visible buddhascsi.device (HDD connected)

    After check flash chip 28F512 direct in programmer found probably problem - flash chip is OK BUT data is "corrupted" - after compare with original V52.101.bin is flash chip without any buddhascsi.device and too rest content is curious.

    Flash chip is deleted direct in programmer and new loaded with V52.101.bin file (32kB)

    After return to Buddha Flash but still no any buddhascsi.device in Workbench. (HDD connected)

    Next test with others flashing in Amiga - same problem with "curious content" and after compare with first flashing in Amiga have identical "chaos" files/ROMs

    For test with old ROM (original) need original old device for my flash chip 28F512 - no any backup here. (EB 103.8 from Bflash archive?)

    Please any help about flash and idea with "curious content" in flash chip after flashing in Amiga?

    Why not working/help too direct programming in programmer with latest V52.101? (here content with buddhascsi.device after programming OK)

    Thanks Pavel


    Still no any AGA MK3 in my big Amiga collection due some troubles here with this new hardware BUT have more A1200 boards (some revisions) and no problem when is know problematic revision together with AGA MK3 send this my A1200 board to Jens for testing.

    DHL/Deutsche Post is great and fast.

    Btw. My latest order still not delivered via Parcel One... Currently is in Belgium? Next order only with DHL (expensive) BUT delivered 3-5 days.

    Regards, Pavel

    Kickstart 3.1 - without IDE-FIX is normal time for spin up but with installed IDE-FIX is very ultra quick and this is issue why previous 2,5" HDD not recognized on Port 0

    Btw. Please how activate express modul? Not only with C:IDEfix? (3MB/s vs 3,6MB/s)


    Thanks for support. Problem solved. Another 2,5" HDD works BUT problem is not compatible with scsi.device (previous HDD works fine on A1200)

    A1200 with IDE-FIX has very quick "IDE check" and come fast boot from floppy - 2,5" HDD is not recognized (long spin on) at boot on 2,5" Port O and is visible in WB (after booting from WB 3.1 floppy) first after use any sw/tool for communication with HDD e.g. C:IDEfix OR HDToolBox or others.

    2,5" Port 0 has speed 3MB/s with 030/50 CPU and after activate C:IDEfix 3,6MB/s This is fine?

    Please second question:

    From Wiki: "A special gadget is the diagnosis-software that checks for the correct connection between the IDE-fix adapter and the express-adapter"

    After start CheckIDEfix no any output or exist others diag tool?

    It's always active, no extra software requried.

    I've made several adapters over the years, and I don't have all the manuals still available. Please post a picture of the exact model, and I'll look for a file. I have a backup of the old DOS/Win3.1 machine with Word6 that I've used back then to write manuals.

    Thanks for quick reply. Always active without extra software is logical and too my idea BUT my friend has IDE-FIX rev.2 with express adapter (latest icomp version 2002?) where works (is active) 2,5" port 0 with 2,5" HDD only after run command C:idefix

    Without software is this 2,5" port 0 not active.


    First sorry for this question in Buddha section but IDE-FIX is too IDE and icomp product.

    Port 0 2,5" on IDE-FIX is "visible" (active) first after start C:idefix ? This is normal?

    My idea this port 0 2,5" is visible too without activate command idefix (quick after power on A1200 as on board 2,5" port) and then is here possible 2,5" HDD with system

    Please exist any short manual for IDE-FIX adapter? On wiki no.

    Thanks Pavel