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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    I've been reading countless threads of people experiencing artefacts with various AGA Indivision models.

    Then I saw a Youtube video about a French guy who has the Mk1, then upgraded to the Mk3. He noticed that the artefacts went away by bracing his Indivision with a home-made "clamp"…hEt08E&ab_channel=LesDocs

    I see you coming with your pitchforks yelling "no! don't do it" but it's an undeniable fact that the artefacts completely go away when I apply a bit of pressure with my thumb on top of the Indivision.

    So save from building a brace like that, what else can I try? Cleaning the contacts with Alcohol? Because the issue is obvious, some contacts are not strong enough on the chip.

    So we all know that the Mk3 comes with an adapter for the CIA chip for live changes. I've read the Mk3 owner's manual and I don't see any mention of if. How do I use it?

    Thanks in advance for your help :)

    Well now I don't know what to do. I created the rescue disk, flashed the firmware and now I have no picture. What else can I try??


    Got it working again. Here is what I did. Tried the rescue disk, both in floppy and in ADF format. I either had a blank screen or a flashing screen with horizontal lines. Nothing was working and I was starting to get discouraged.

    So I connected the Amiga via RGB on a 15KHz-compatible LCD monitor. I had a picture, yes! I switched the resolution back to standard 640x400 resolution, saved that setting in the Indivision and rebooted. The Indivision works again! So I tried to flash the firmware again. The message I get is that the configuration cannot be saved.


    Hello all!

    I received my Indivision AGA Mk3 yesterday, along with an RTC clockport module. Installation was smooth and everything worked out of the box. I installed the required software and promptly tried various screen modes. Everything works great!

    So I decide to activate the TCP/IP stack and go online. Uh oh, what was that? screen tearing, glitches, flashes. Odd. I reboot the Amiga, everything is rock solid. I go back online, the glitches/artefacts start again, which leads me to believe that the PCMCIA network card is causing this. Because otherwise, everything works great.

    What can I try to alleviate this? Here are my specs:

    -NTSC Amiga 1200, rev 1D.1, recapped board.

    -TF1260 accelerator

    -IDE-to-CF adaptor with 16gb CF card

    -3com Etherlink III PCMCIA

    -Internal floppy

    -External Gotek

    -Indivision MK3

    -Icomp RTC clockport module

    -Mean Well RT50B power supply.