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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Just curious - I saw some of the web browsers for Amiga can take advantage of the FPU. Not that web browsing will ever be amazing on a classic Amiga, but perhaps that's a use case if you have need for occasional web usage? (i.e. NetSurf)

    Also if you're (for some reason) emulating a classic Mac on the Amiga, I think the MacOS really likes to have the FPU.

    That said I'm not encouraging the risk of adding the FPU to that accelerator :).

    Yep - all problems fixed including the Aux CF slot.

    Apparently the issue was some combination of:

    1. Both CF slots had slightly pushed in pins that I've fixed by straightening (AUX) or pushing back out (BOOT)

    2. Keyboard problem - "Return" is the only key that properly kicks off the F7 --> F1/F3 installation menu. "Enter" just boots.

    3. Power supply *and* slightly dirty 1221 edge connector causing ACA1221 to not play nicely with the ACA500+.

    I also took apart my 512KB expansion and removed the leaky old clock battery.

    I offered for the X fund since you wasted personal time helping me here with idiot stuff - I appreciate your help Jens!!

    Certainly good luck with the old equipment! I was lucky enough to grow up where my grandparents had a farm (though mainly later raised Apaloosa horses for racing), and I helped Dad repair some old "Divco" home milk delivery trucks - though later in life for restoration purposes. It's always fun to get your hands dirty and see something large "work" after some foul language helps fix it.. :)


    Looks like my 68020-16 on this 1221 is the 0C10H mask (AUEB09130) so I'm assuming not likely suitable for 42 MHz OC. Oh well :). Looking forward to ACA1234 in the future.

    LOL - I think all issues are resolved!

    I was able to boot off my A1200+ACA1221 Workbench 3.1 CF card without a problem in either the CFAUX or BOOT slots.

    I then decided to swap my A1200 keyboard with my A500 keyboard, because if you remember I mentioned the Return key didn't work, but the Enter key works on my A500 keyboard.

    Apparently if you F7 --> F1 and hit Enter, it won't install.

    If you F7 --> F1 but hit Return -- it is now installing!

    I used some air to clean out the ACA1221 card female card edge, and plugged it in and now everything is magically working! - I am booting off the BOOT slot, using a 68020 @ 28 MHz and all RAMs are showing. Now I just need to install the 8372A Agnus and get 1MB ChipRAM, and repair the return key..

    Sorry for all of this trouble, it looks like it was all due to enter vs return on the keyboard, and maybe a combo of dirty ACA1221 slot+weak power supply.

    Do you accept Paypal donations for your Model X fund? :)

    EDIT : Last question, if I did want to have the ACA1221 flashed with the ROM that allows the 42 MHz divider, what would the cost for that be?

    Once again, please check the menu version of the ACA500plus. This may be the reason why the ACA1221 does not start.

    I can't offer that, but the automatic installer will only see a CF card in the boot slot if you insert an empty card before power-up. This is because the boot slot is not hot-plug compatible - only the aux slot is. With an empty card in the boot slot at power-up, you should be able to launch the automatic installer and make a bootable WB that way.

    Checking oyur earlier post, you seem to attempt to launch the installer with F1 or F2 options. The installer is in the Installer sub-menu: Press F7, then F1 - this will launch the automatic installer. Once again, the card must be inserted into the boot slot before powering up, otherwise it will not work.

    Thanks --

    Yes when trying to install to BOOT, I put the CF card in before powering on the computer. I've avoided hot plugging the CF cards in either slot when trying both (or either) slots just to reduce risk.

    And for getting WB 3.1 installed I do use the F7 menu to initiate the install and get the 'not a DOS disk' or AmigaDOS errors/boot as mentioned regardless of which slot and which card I use.

    ACA500+ says: ACA500p ROM: v0.129, $1C/$16 Flash ROM ID. MCU Big Dismo v1.9 (Oct 2018). HW ID $08. Physical ROM 37.175.

    I don't see a Menu version specifically?

    Can I create my own CF card via WinUAE in some fashion that's compatible with the ACA500+?

    Thanks Jens - I will re-inspect / address the pads/pins on the CF slots this evening. Is there any way to download a pre-made image of a working workbench that I can apply to one the CF cards from another computer to see if the system can at least boot into Workbench via CF card (vs a problem with the auto installation process)?

    Re: Good news is the ACA1221 works fine in my A1200. At one point I did have Amiga Kit recap and repair my A1200, which was around the time I ordered the ACA1221. That may be why it has a service sticker on it.

    I am hoping to get the 1221 working with the 500+ as I'm thinking of buying the 1234 when it comes out for my A1200.


    P.S. I really appreciate your time here and also the work you put into designing these boards and upgrades. It's fun using "real" hardware ..

    The good news is that this Indivision ECS V1 is fully patched on the PLL side - no problems to expect there.

    Thanks Jens! Good News - I've updated the ECS flash (it says 1.10 for some reason upon boot not 1.15) - but the corruption is gone with the ACA500+!. I also loaded a game (Starflight 2) successfully and it works great!

    I'm still unable to use any CF cards:

    These cards will give an error "Error no DOS disk in CFAUX": Transcend 133x 8GB, Dane-Elec 2GB, and a generic 4GB.

    These cards will do more LED flashing, but then drop to an AmigaDOS prompt (where I can't run any commands like INFO or even DIR): Canon 8MB (yes MB), Sandisk Extreme III 4GB.

    I've tried multiple combos of cards - cards in both slots, and each card separately in each slot (Boot, then AUX).

    I've tried installs via F7 -- F1 and F3, and no differences there as well.

    The ACA1221 not powering on when plugged into ACA500+ issue remains as well.

    I've attached a pic of the ACA1221 to show it's the original 2015 version, and the ACA500+ CF slots as asked above. What was damaged was some of the pins were pushed 'in', and folded back slightly on the left side. I was able to straighten them out without breaking any pins.

    EDIT: It may not matter, but the primary 'Enter' key on my A500 keyboard doesn't work, so I'm always using the numeric keypad 'enter' when starting the flash process via F7. I don't think that'll make a difference but just FYI.

    Thanks and Sorry Jens - I was being lazy since this forum only allows 1MB upload sizes :). I've attached a picture of under Denise on the Indivision ECS board. I've also attached a single screenshot of the cursor corruption example.

    Nice! I will update the firmware later today and report back (work first unfortunately :) ). Thanks!

    Thanks Jens -

    Hopefully this link works:

    Screenshot 1 and 2 are with ACA500+ installed and booted to workbench 3.1; #3 is trying to boot with a CF card in CFAUX and doing the sequence for installing WB/KS.

    The ACA1221 is the 'original flavor' -- I purchased in August 2015. Unfortunately right before the option came to try to overclock to 42 MHz, so 28 MHz only :).

    EDIT - I've updated the above album to also include the 'under Denise' pics, hopefully good enough. I've also added a pic of the workbench working without ACA500+ installed (#7).

    The ground cable coming from Indivision ECS was a bit loose on the motherboard side so I tightened that, but no change in behavior.

    P.S. I'm glad I spent the money on the power supply - after seeing the issues with the 'cheap' power supplies I'd rather have a quality unit for these old computers anyway..

    Hi Jens - an update - I'm still having problems with the ACA500+,. Here's what I've done/tried:

    - Bought the CA_PSU and use a 120V to 240V transformer to power the PSU (I live in North America).

    - Without the accelerator, the Amiga works OK. - No corruption with mouse cursor, can play software without screen corruption over time.

    - I removed the Commodore 512KB expansion (A504?) from the trap door area, and that didn't make a difference.

    - I cleaned the edge connector that the ACA500+ plugs into and it made no difference. (quick cleaning - q-tip and rubbing alcohol)

    - Forced the ACA500+ to 7 MHz CPU

    - Disabled all RAM options on ACA500+

    - Switching between NTSC and PAL makes no difference


    - The Amiga+ACA500+ will never boot off of CF card or start the install of workbench (i.e. F1 or F2)

    - The only configuration I can get the ACA500+ to boot off of a floppy is via the F1 or F2 keys

    - However, once in workbench, there is graphics corruption -- a 'tall' set of corruption follows the mouse cursor around, and games will start (i.e. Starflight) but slowly add corruption over time.

    - If I try other combos via the F10 menu - i.e. manually set kickstart ROM to 'motherboard' (motherboard = 2.0), or manually 1.2, 1.3, or 3.1 -- I'll get the insert workbench screen but it will *not* boot off of the floppy.

    - If I add my ACA1221 to the ACA500+ the ACA500+ will flash the LED before shutting off/down.

    In these tests the Amiga is completely stock except for the Indivision ECS (w/ 1.01 firmware).

    Does this sound like some kind of power delivery issue on the A500 to you? maybe a capacitor out of spec or similar? something else?

    I can try to find a local Amiga enthusiast to mail the ACA500+ to and double check it's operation on their Amiga 500. I'm just curious what you think I should try next --

    The only other thing I'm thinking is - does it matter where I ground the Indivision ECS? it's grounded near the edge connector that the ACA500+ plugs into.

    Thank you for your time Jens!

    LOL - ok that's much better than my 5.9kW (+Powerwall) of Solar :)

    Got it! - X is the right vehicle for 3 car seats and lots of storage/kid stuff :) I would recommend sitting in a 5-seat version of the Y just to see.. and LOL re: EQV, agreed there buddy!

    lolol Aptera. I guess you could buy 3 of those -- one for you, one for the wife, and one for the kids and have them follow you? :)

    End topic :)

    Have a great day!

    Thanks Jens! One last silly question - does 60 hz / 240V power vs 50 hz / 240V power matter for this power supply if I go the transformer route?

    Good luck on the EV with the Wife! I think once she starts driving it she'll love it. If you can charge at home, always having 'a full tank' is great, and I think that one pedal driving is safer since braking starts more quickly than two pedal driving.

    It is interesting you're looking at the X -- although all Tesla's have great front headroom (there are even 6'8+/ 2.0M tall people driving the Model 3 with no problem), the rear headroom in the X I found to be less than both the 3 and the Y because of the bump downs from the wing doors. The other limitation on the X (but not 3/Y/S) is that you can't put roof racks on it because of the rear doors. We like to go kayaking and canoeing - and the 3 is great for carrying those on top..

    Sorry for a bit of a sales pitch - but test drive the 3 and Y if you haven't. They're fun and surprisingly roomy :).


    Thanks Jens! Really appreciate the responses and the great products you produce for us. I will order a CA PSU and go from there.

    (Ironically I do have an EV and have increased my use of 240V in the house, but no 'close' options for the Amiga unfortunately).

    From a wiring perspective - is the switch box the DC-DC converter, while the bigger box is the AC-DC conversion? or are both pieces contained in the bigger box?


    Follow-up - I think my problem is the power supply. I have one of those "C64 PSUs" referred to in threads like this that don't work well with the ACA500plus:…0kMe5juLrg1Wbit0#post1832

    The symptoms are: Amiga works flawlessly without the ACA500plus. With the ACA500plus I get some screen corruption over time (mouse cursor always corrupted, main graphics occasionally corrupt). If I add a ACA1221 to the ACA500plus the system won't even power on. I'm assuming the ACA500plus is good and the power supply is the culprit.

    Jens - is there any way to order a 120V version of your CA-PSU? Or is the only real option for a North American Amiga to use your CA-PSU and a 120V to 240V transformer?


    Thank you Jens - I appreciate the help!

    I have tried all 3 different cards in the AUX slot only; and after unpacking the ROMs (5 lines of text), it goes to a black screen for a few seconds. Then I receive:

    System Request -- Not a DOS disk in device CFAUX

    If I try the same install with the card in the "Boot" slot I just get the insert Workbench animation.

    I've disabled the trapdoor RAM in configurations just to reduce the change that the expansion RAM is flaky (I haven't used this machine in a very long time). I also disconnected the HxC floppy emulator temporarily just to make sure that wasn't conflicting somehow.



    I received my ACA500+ to install on my A500. A500 is stock except for commodore 512k trap expansion, and Indivision ECS.

    I (stupidly) managed to partially push in two pins (and bend one) on the Boot slot. I've since straightened the bent pin out and pushed that and the other 'pushed in' pin back into place, so I *think* I'm getting good contact. However, I cannot get Workbench to install on any of my CF cards via the F7 menu. (F1 or F3).

    Questions I have are:

    - Is there any way from the ACA500+ menu system to tell if it's seeing the Boot CF card properly? The LED does flash when I try to install but it fails to AmigaDOS.

    - Is it correct to prepare a CF card by inserting into a windows system, running diskpart and using the "clean" command to clean the CF card before use in the ACA500+?

    - Is there any way to use the "Aux" CF slot for HDD boot / OS usage instead? or boot from AUX?

    I tried 3 different CF cards - a 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB. One is a Sandisk, another DaneElec, and 3rd generic.



    Dear Amiga Fans,

    I have a Rev 5 Amiga 500 with the Commodore 512KB trapdoor expansion, and about to order the ACA500+ board for it.

    I see in the Wiki that you can enable 1 MB of chipram with this combo and ACA500+ if you have an ECS Agnus.

    The question is - typically to enable more Chipram on Rev 5 + 8372/8372A you need to modify the board - cut traces and/or solder wires. Do I need to do this with the ACA500+? or can I just install an 8372A Agnus and the ACA500+ and achieve 1MB chip with that combo? (+ the commodore expansion)