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    Hi all,

    I am trying to install the network with my ACA500+ on O.S. 3.1.4 but the installation fails because it does load kickstart 3.1 and not kickstart 3.1.4 witch is in the flash memory of the ACA500+

    I tried to install it on O.S. 3.1 and then the installation goes perfectly!

    Is there a way to install it on O.S. 3.1.4?

    Best regards,

    Erik B.

    One example is a free service that we're launching with the release of the X-Surf-500: The "iComp drive". If you double-click on the "mount iComp" icon after the automatic installation is complete, the computer will mount a network drive that can be used as if it was a local harddrive. Your Amiga can directly access files that are hosted on our servers through that drive: You always have access to the latest versions of drivers and support programs for our products without the need for an additional, internet-connected PC and a data transfer method.

    Is it also possible to navigate through your own pc network by clicking an icon?