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    To start I know this has nothing to do with a malfunctioning Bigram, I'm sure the board is working perfectly. I was just wondering if anyone knows how to make PeterK's icon.library work with the the Bigram installed. after I loadmodule icon.library the machine reboots but the icons which should now be working still appear as dots. When I remove the Bigram and perform the same loadmodule command the machine reboots and the icons work.

    Is there an added argument that I need to add, is it because of the Z3 ram? Does anyone know how to work around this?

    Thanks again for any help.

    Thanks so much for your help Jens. I looked into information about the guru rom and from what I was able to discern was it required an adapter because it didn't fit into the space of the original roms. I've been unable to source any of these adapters. Do you have a resource you could point me towards to so I can try to accomplish this?

    I know this isn't an issue with the Bigram but just wondering if anyone has any advice. When I install the Bigram none of the Hard drives I have hooked up to my GVP HC-II SCSI controller show up.

    The board itself still shows up in the autoconfig information in SysInfo, but none of the devices attached to it are accessible.



    I think I may have had the same problem without the bigram but trying to use a Microbotics 8Up! Memory board. Is there something I'm missing that might make the GVP HC-II get along with other ram? It doesn't mind the 2MB on the 2630 itself so I thought it wouldn't mind the bigram attached to the 2630 but it appears I am incorrect.

    Here is what GVP Info has to say about the 2 boards:

    The memory config for all 3 pools:

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

    Just backing him up this has nothing to do with the tf534 which I haven't run in a while and tested it with 68000, 68010, and 68030 on an A2630 as discussed previously. I am running the ECS v2 as well as mentioned by the other poster, though I haven't performed any updates since I received it.

    Hope to learn more, thanks.

    I didn't have much luck with changing the PLCC socket. I guess it was beyond my skill, but I think there may have been some repairs done to the board previously that I was unaware of as they were either hidden by solder or by the socket itself on the frontside of the board. Live and learn, I'll keep the board for parts or repair as hopefully my skill will improve. I didn't do anything that I thought would damage the board, I used a solder pump and when the pin moved I pumped out the solder though it was difficult with 2 pins and once I got the socket out it seemed like the mask had been etched away and replaced with a blob of solder. I don't have enough knowledge but I know that it's my fault and I don't think I can repair the board now.

    I'm going to upload pictures of the board where I removed the socket and maybe you can tell me if its all my fault or if repairs had been done previously that I ended up unknowingly undoing...either way I'm going to find another board, thanks for your help.

    That solder pool there is where the mask was removed it's hard to tell from the picture since the flash is glinting back. Is that likely something I somehow caused or something that someone had worked on before?

    The bottom of the board is a horror show, but again I didn't spend a lot of time with the iron to the board so I don't know how I could have caused the damage...perhaps someone did a repair that I undid by unsoldering the socket? Either way I want to learn from my mistakes what I can. I know its not your problem to help me here, it has nothing to do with you, just wondering if its all my fault so I can try to learn from this disaster.

    Well, I can't get anything out of my Amiga other than black or solid green screen now despite messing with the pins in the socket. I've ordered some replacement 84pin PLCC sockets and will just have to replace it before I can return to this testing. Thanks for your help, I will get back to you in a couple weeks I imagine.

    You were correct one of the corner pins needed some adjustment, and it all works fine again. Also with the ECS Agnus back in none of the screen distortions occur anymore. Does it mean that pin contact could have been causing the issue with the Ace2b? Should I try to insert it again?

    What are your next recommendations.

    Thanks again for all your time.

    Ok, new development:

    After removing the Ace2b and reinstalling the old Agnus I now get an error upon boot:

    Not enough memory.

    Error: 3001 8002 Task: 00203210

    I read in the instructions that upon removal of the ACE2b and reinstall of the old agnus and gary that if you have problem it could be that the Agnus or Gary sockets have gone bad. I'm guessing since I get the error message and a picture its probably not the Agnus socket.

    I can either try to replace the ACE2b again and see if that returns it to its prior state, or I can order a new socket and replace that and try again.

    Or do you suspect something else entirely?

    I should also mention I have 2 Garys that I have tried and both do the same thing.

    I just retested with only the Ace2b and the Indivision ECS v2 as the absolute only add-ons in the machine besides the 68010 replacing the 68000 and I get the same issue. The next step would be to scrub the connector and reconnect or replace the 1MB Agnus back in and see if that resolves the issue. Just let me know what you think to do next.


    I have seen this same behavior with a 2630 (Standard Clocks 2MB Ram) and a TF534 @ 48Mhz. I have also seen this behavior on the currently installed 68010 when turning off the 68030 (2630) at boot by pressing both mouse buttons. I can try to put the original 68000 back in and completely remove the 2630 if that would help trouble shoot this. Not a problem, just let me know. I can't remember if I already tried without any accelerator being installed.

    I am fairly certain that without the Ace2b installed the TF534 didn't have this issue.