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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Just make sure to either use the same Vbb/non-Vbb Agnus, or add/remove capacitor C9 when needed. Also, make sure that the 8375 Agnus you want to use is really a 2M type - there are versions with that part number that have the 8372a pinout and only 1M addressing capability. These won't work.

    Thank you - this very useful

    I didn't try Cloanto as usually Amiga forums are very helpful for these things and i think some of the people on the forum work for Cloanto.

    I am very happy with the ACE2B - can I swap the NTSC for a PAL or is there anything different? I can go into early startup and switch to PAL though which isn't too much trouble (You can go to early startup on a CDTV provided you have a floppy in the drive)

    The English Amiga Board were very helpful - it is indeed the extended rom version - you must use V2.7 and not V2.30 (V2.30 was designed for the A570 so maps 2MB to an expected 40PIN expansion) :)


    It is showing as:

    Available: 2MB Chip, 6MB Fast, 8MB Total

    Maximum: 2MB Chip, 8MB Fast, 10MB Total

    In use is showing about 72K Chip, 2MB Fast

    Something is eating the 2MB fast - i have looked in my RAM drive but it's only using about 13K

    Is there a way of showing what processes are using the 2MB Fast?

    Thanks I will check that - it could be something in my startup but i have not changed anything from before i put in the chip (I suppose it could just be a bug in the old 3.1 Kick/Workbench)