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    I installed the buddha ide on my 4000 and connected a hard disk and on the on board of the 4000 the cdrom and the iomega zip. The 4000 works perfectly and boots regularly. The problem is that the 4000 obviously first scans the integrated ide (cdrom and iomega zip) and then boots from the Buddha Ide. Is there a way to boot directly from the Buddha without scanning the built-in ide of 4000 before?


    I have installed the new ACE2B on My A2000 Rev 6. All ok I see 2Mb chip

    My A2091 with rom7 now (also without BuddhaIDE) takes 30 seconds before regular boot from scsi hard drive. Even turning off the amiga and entering the early startup always takes 30 seconds.

    Am I wrong something?

    The hard disk has the termination jumper and has ID Zero.