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    When I try to boot with the CF card in the ACA500 its not recognised but boots from the ACA1234

    The PC formatted card appears when in the CFAUX slot but is not recognised as formatted

    Was getting online previously with aca1221, but can't with aca1234

    Hi I received my ACA1234 today

    The card works and shows amazing performance and sys info information as expected, however, I can no longer go online.

    Is there some setting I need to change or install the network software from the aca1234 instead of the aca500?

    Apologies if this information is elsewhere


    They have the package. How do I arrange the onward shipment to England ? Or do I wait for them to contact me ?

    It will take them a couple of days (actually took a week for me, but was apparently down to bad weather) to process the package as being yours, keep checking their website until it shows that they have the package. The there will be the option to pay for the postage.

    ^^ I cant see to tell see where I tell them I'm expecting a parcel. Is that the add new delivery box ?

    When your logged in on the my account page there is a button called 'Add new delivery' click this and fill in the form.

    ^^ According to there instructions, you do this first or do this not matter ?


    It doesn't matter, from what they said you don't even have to pre-inform them of the delivery it just speeds up there process.

    I did the 'add delivery' on their website first then purchased in IComp.

    Let me know how you get on, or if you have any other questions

    Its 30 euros and its insured and tracked, I wouldn't be put off. Yes it would be better if it was shipped direct, but it is what it is. At least we can still get these items.

    Ok, so my Ace2b arrived today, here's what I had to do

    • Registered with MyGermany Proxy shipping website, they provide you with a german address
    • Log on the MyGermany website that you are expecting a parcel
    • Buy your item in the IComp shop, set billing address as your home address and the shipping address as the one provided by MyGermany
    • Wait for the parcel to arrive at the MyGermany warehouse and be processed (this took 2 weeks, apparently because of bad weather and covid restrictions)
    • They weigh the parcel and set the price for shipping (was 30 euros)
    • One week later the parcel arrived here

    All in all took 3 weeks to receive the item and an additional 30 euros

    Hope this helps someone.

    Did you try Andromedas DOS demo on your Indivision ECS V1? I still get a little bit of ghosting on my V1s. But when they are in my A600s with the VGA connector secured to the RF shield it's barely noticeable. In my A500s it's quite noticeable.

    Not looked at this demo, but you could not miss the ghosting on the V2, no sign of it on the V1 or the ScanPlus

    For my ECS V2 I now get a crystal clear and sharp picture with the latest profile I made. You can find my profile in post #175 with a download. I also added copper tape to the VGA cable. There is still visible ghosting, especially in DOS demo, where it's very visible.

    Appreciate the tip regards copper tape, but the V1 copes fine without it.

    As there is no ghosting on the V1 I'll wait until the V2 patch board is available then decide which one has the better overall picture then sell the runner up.

    I managed to get an 'Indivision ECS V1' from eBay and the picture is far superior to the V2 on my setup.

    Its better than my 'ScanPlus ECS' in the interlaced modes and it works well with HighGfx.

    On the ECS v2 the ghosting was so bad I could read the text in the ghosted image, ECS v1 no such issue.

    I'll probably hang on to the v2 to see what that's like once the patch board is available.