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    This is exciting news :thumbup::)

    I have a giant in size 2mb MegaChip and I did a sort of dry test run today in order to see if the Indivision ECS V2 would fit.

    The answer so far is: Maybe, perhaps, if I use two risers. I might need to swap the MegaChip in a smaller size, like the ACE2b (therefore I was curious of the size) or use the other advice you gave, that is use the socket adapter for Indivision.

    Perhaps the new ACE2b is half the size of this MegaChip?

    Best Regards
    Hans Arvid


    I have read the documentation and tried to understand the correct procedure, but I’m still unsure and I need some help:

    When I received my Buddha card (it's from 2018) the J2 and J3 jumpers where not closed (see image under question#1).
    I used that setup (J2, J3 not closed) to format several CF cards etc… and it works very well.

    The Buddha card is making things easy for me + I get an WB 3.1 installation :) :)

    I don't want to destroy it in some way, because I got a wrong understanding of the DOM power and jumper settings.

    My two questions are:

    Question #1:
    When I use the DOM to format drives (the DOM is situated in port 1, as the image below shows), the J2 and J3 jumpers should be as the image below, eg. not closed?
    Is this the correct way?

    Question #2:
    When I’m finished, I remove the DOM from port 1, so I can connect other IDE equipment, I then need to close the J2 and J3 jumpers, as the image below show?
    Is this the correct way?

    Best Regards
    Hans Arvid


    I need some help :)

    I'm about to order the Iindivision ECS v2

    I have an A2000 and a MegaChip installed and I wonder if it's possible to install Indivision?

    Will it fit together with the MegaChip?

    Will it fit if I use a 48pin riser on the Denise chip and place the Indivision on top, will it clear the MegaChip and still get under the PSU?

    If it is possible, how do you do it?

    Here is a image from my setup:

    Here is an image from a video on the net

    Best Regards

    Hans Arvid (Norway)