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    Thanks for the explanation!

    Makes a lot of sense now. Though it keeps difficult matter for me. Scaler, flickr fixer, screen modes.

    I think I can figure it out now and tinker with it some more. And I guess you're right as well about the pal res and the output of the game.

    Many thanks!

    I've managed with the config tool, to get a nice image. There is still black space around the image/workbench, as it doesn't fill the screen entirely. I've tried to correct it, but that caused a lot of headache, so I'm fine as it is now.

    It is centered. That's with workbench and at startup with kickstart.

    When I load up a game, the screen replaces itself to the right. So it isn't centered anymore. I've tried several games, it happens with all of them.

    What's going on here? Can it be corrected?

    Or is it, what it is 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Also the actual size of the screen of the game is quite small, in comparison to the TV. I guess that's normal, or is there a way of correcting that as well?

    I've added a picture as example.

    Thanks, Koen

    With the aca500 plus, I've managed to get the tool up 'n running.

    However, the image is still not centered.

    That however is beyond the scope of this topic.

    Thanks for getting back at me.

    I did read the manual multiple times and also the requirements section. Just couldn't make it out, when I read it now it makes perfectly sense.

    So problem is solved. (Soon 😉)

    As it happens, I've bought the aca500+ from you (Jens) not long ago, with the whole chabang: Xsurf, aca1221lc.

    So that shouldn't be a problem.

    I will 🔥 it up!

    Many thanks all, for recommendations as well!

    I will let you know how it went.

    I've checked everything again. I work on a A500 1.3 kickstart.

    I can boot the rescue disk. With the other bootable file, it boots but I get nothing. Just a prompt and an all rights reserved.

    The third file is just a lha and when uncompressed shows a number of files. I probably can read them on an Amiga, but I have no clue how, as the A500 hasn't got an hd.

    **edit** Like I started the thread, I think the indivision is flashed allright with the rescue disk. That should have given it its most updated firmware.

    Can not check it really, but it seems it's suceeds. Now I just need a way to start the graphical configtool, so I can make some choices about screen alining.

    I've started wb, 'inserted' the 'bootable' disk. It says IndivisionECSv2 on the wb, I can open it and see two options; A program i can start, or the readme file. I choose the program. It then gives me an error. I've attached a screenshot.

    Let me know what you think, I appreciate the effort!

    I ment by 'when is that showing' not the procedure of right clicking, hovering etc ofcourse 😄

    The config tool needs to be written to a disk and then being loaded into wb? I just don't get it.

    I've read the doc multiple times.

    I've copied the rescue disk to my gotek and started it as bootdisk. So that should update the firmware automatically then.

    About the drop-down menu, when is that showing?

    Is that coming from which disk? There're 3 files. The third one, doesn't contain an adf.

    So, how to load that one then?

    Many thanks , Job


    So I installed the v2 in my Amiga 500.

    I want to update the firmware, to address some issues.

    But I've no idea how and the Readme doesn't make sense to me.

    I can boot from the floppy. But then what?

    What do I have to type in??

    How can I check what version is installed?

    I also tried to first start workbench and then start the disk, but then it gives me a 'software error: Task held Finish all disk activity, select cancel to reset/debug'

    The computer then just hangs after hitting reset and shows GURU ERROR.

    Any help would be very much appreciated,

    many thanks, Koen