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    I have the A1200 MB in an Elbox case with a 350W Power Supply via a Mediator board. I have a Blizzard 040 accelerator via the bridge board with 128MB RAM in the socket. I ran one of the smaller 4 pin power connectors on the PSU to the middle connector on the Catweasel but admittedly didn’t have this connected the whole time.

    I’m running KS 3.1 but have WB 3.9 BB2 installed which I thought at the time might have presented a driver problem. I will try with a WB 3.1 boot and see if that makes any difference. And I’ll try the test program with a naked WB 3.0 boot as well just for fun.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Hi Jens and team,

    I have recently obtained a Catweasel Mk 2 Anniversary via Amibay from a reputable source. The seller had never installed it since purchasing it from amigakit some time ago. I hooked the board up to my A1200 in line with the photographs on the wiki and connected a 3.5" PC Drive that was also supplied. The drive clicks on boot up just like an Amiga drive but marks any disk inserted as unreadable. I tried a Panasonic 3.5" drive that I currently have running in a PC and it gave the same results.

    I ran the memory test program that is on the drivers disk and it failed all tests, including the memory test. Does this mean it is dead? Is there any way or where I can get it repaired?