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    That would have been a helpful tip to try before I desoldered all 4MB. I did get it to boot up with the bigram program, and it behaves the exact same way with regards to WHDLoad and intuition.library. This expansion card is turning out to be a colossal waste of time and money. :rolleyes:

    Machine specs:

    Amiga 2000 Rev 6 Motherboard w/ 1 MB ECS Agnus / ECS Denise

    Commodore A2630 Rev 9 w/ 4MB memory, FPU, not overclocked.

    Indivision ECS (first version)

    Buddha 20th Anniversary


    Kickstart 3.1.4

    When the BigRAM is installed, loading the v45 intuition library results in a black screen. Removing the BigRAM allows the newer intuition library to load without issues.

    When the BigRAM is installed, all WHDLoad application launches load the initial little window with information on how to exit the game, etc, but when they switch to the actual game, it's just a black screen. Removing the BigRAM allows the WHDLoad games to function without any issues.

    I tried removing the FPU co-processor, but it made no difference. I tried changing the on-board memory jumper from '4 MB' to '2 MB' and it made no difference.

    In AmigaOS 3.1.4 with the kickstart version of the intuition library, the machine is super stable and I haven't had any issues at all running 'workbench' applications like iBrowse, AmiFTP, AmiIRC, Wordworth, etc. It's only when I try to use the new intuition library or load any WHDLoad games that I see this issue.

    Any thoughts?