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    Hi Jens, yes as above, so with nothing but the DOM it boots into the DOM.

    When then I plug back in my OS into IDE 1 with the DOM remaining in IDE 2 it boots, HDToolBox doesn't see the DOM, but when I changed the information on HDToolbox to buddhascsi.device from scsi.device HDToolBox sees both the DOM and my CF HDD.

    However the DOM doesn't show on the Workbench?

    Hi I've got a Buddha / DOM issue, running in my A4000D.

    Running 3.1.4 OS&ROMs

    I followed the instructions and left the DOM on IDE 2 and plugged my OS into IDE 1 but the DOM never booted, nor does it show up within Workbench.

    The Amiga & Buddha boots and runs fine with my CF card installed on IDE 1, and a CD-ROM on IDE 2 - I can't seem to run anymore devices.

    With nothing else plugged in the DOM does boot - but then I can't install it anywhere. Tried with a 20GB standard IDE HDD too.