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    Config tool does not find the unit. I'm using a Carlsen Electronics PSU. I've been using my 1200 for about 4-5 hours/day for past 10 days, shutting it off when I wasn't using it. The Indivision worked perfectly until the garbled graphics I described in OP. I've tried re-seating it multiple times but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    So, I got my Indivision a few weeks ago, and it was working in my Amiga 1200, but while I was using it, it suddenly displayed a screenful of garbled colors and then went blank. I switched my display to the stock video output and my Amiga was still running. I've tried re-seating it, have tried both VGA & HDMI output but nothing is working. It is no longer displaying anything. My Amiga 1200 is stock, except for a A1200SDE+ expansion.

    I recently received my Silversurfer LE, and the instructions say:


    If you connect the Silversurfer to a 1200 clockport with the cable, mind the correct orientation, otherwise you'll fry the board! The red marker must face towards the red glass component on the Silversurfer, away from the metal component. In the 1200, the red marker must face towards the accelerator board, away from the PCMCIA slot. Wrong installation causes a short, mistakes like this are not covered by warranty!

    I'd like to attach it to Matthias Münch's 4-way clockport adapter Rev C, and if I am interpreting the orientation of things properly, I think the way I am supposed to attach the clockport cable to the expander is by attaching it such that the red marker on the cable is opposite what's marked as Pin 1 on the expander.

    Here's a photo of my Silversurfer with cable attached:

    and here's the cable orientation on Port 0 of the expander:

    Can someone tell me if this is correct so I can avoid frying my Silversurfer ? :-)

    So, I ordered my package on 10/14, and received it on 10/28. Pretty snappy! My only regret is I had been waiting for the new mail options, and missed out on my chance to buy an ACA1233n-55 :-( Hopefully you'll offer them again someday.

    Any update on the GLS shipping option? Still only seeing Parcel One & DHL. The Parcel One section shows GLS as a carrier but not the price I would expect for expedited shipping.

    Hello - I am a customer in the United States, and I would like to place an order but have it shipped to a friend in Berlin so that they can include it in a shipment of other items they are sending me. Will I have to pay the VAT when it is shipped within the EU? Please let me know if there are any issues or concerns in this regard.