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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Ok guys thanks for all explanations. I will give a try on doublebuffering.

    Is there any other thing that I can tweak to reduce this effect? VSync values?

    Could this comb effect caused by my monitor configuration?

    I'm running on a samsung gaming monitor (max 120hz via HDMI) with low latency (1ms). Enabling VSync produced no image (no signal detected) on any indi mode i tried (@60hz).

    Ok. That clarifies what I'm seeing, thanks. Is still not clear to me if this comb effect can be avoided/reduced or it is something that I should accept and live with it :(

    Never seen that before with external scart-hdmi adapters. Very annoing to me, for instance when scrolling a whole laced screen, like in pinball games.


    Hi all,

    I've been playing around for a while with my MK3. The overall picture quality is incredible, crispy and smooth scrolling in all games. Although, I'm experiencing some behavior that I could not find if it has been already addressed: laced screen modes give strange scanline artifacts (both in games and WB). Something that looks like if it is drawn every other line.

    Within the WB (, this is very noticeable on the mouse pointer but also on every moving object (windows borders, windows fills, icons...).

    Also games seem to be affected, no matter what VGA mode I choose. The only way I've found to avoid it is to avoid laced modes.

    Is there something that I'm doing wrong/missing? Any hint on what settings should I play with?



    Hi, not sure if this could help, but I have a similar setup: internal 90W picoPSU, soldered, not bypassing the filter (sorry for OT, but which way is better?). My MKIII is correctly detected and working. Ask for any cross-check.


    Job's done. Not perfect but looks ok to me: ripped-off capacitor was the topmost (leftmost)

    Powered up and nothing exploded. Different resolutions have been tested with ScreenMode tool. Nothing to report.

    Still hard to explain to my wife that I bought "something broken" from the internet and I needed to fix it myself with no refund. LOL.

    Btw, I'm very happy if this could be of any help to you guys and the rest of the community.

    Thanks for the support!


    Thanks Jens for the quick reply.

    This is the picture of the plastic bag. It is about 15cm wide and contains all the boards.

    I think your guess is right, one of the daughter-boards dancing within the bag could be the culprit.

    Here my warranty tag.

    I will do the solder job later this evening or tomorrow and post the pictures as soon as done



    Hi all,

    I'm a happy buyer of a brand new MKIII AGA. It arrived on Monday (super fast, thanks!), but I had time to mount it only yesterday.

    Package was solid and not voided in any manner, but as soon as I took the board from its plastic wrap (using extreme care) I heared something rolling on my desk: it was a capacitor.

    I did a quick check on the MKIII board and found from where it was. Fortunately, the capacitor seems to be intact, but not sure for its pads (picture).

    I also noticed a small dent on the PCB, next to the capacitor pads (picture).

    I'm a bit disappointed for the accident but mainly because i still have to wait in order to play with my A1200 :)

    No one to blame. Shit happens :(

    It looks like I can solder the capacitor back in place, safely, but I don't want to void the warranty with this operation.

    Due to these defects, the board has never been mounted nor powered. Don't know if is better/preferable/applicable a full replacement.

    Ask for more pictures if needed.