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    IDE interfaces are from AMIGA kit (one that you said is not properly buffered because it has one chip only) and one from e-bay (with 5 chips). HDD was working on both on short cable. However, on the first one not proprly on long cable. I am not sure about CF card it is been rebranded 32GB saying Amiga Forever.

    Yes, as soon as I switch it on it starts to create read errors. Than CF is not visible anymore. After power cycling it comes online again and I let file system fix it. Any speed (PIO mode) creates such problem. It works with buffered interface(s) and HDD (sata to pata adapter).

    Quote from Jens

    If it's one chip only, it is not buffered.

    Possible. However, it is sold as 4XEIDE'99 BUFFERED INTERFACE (WITH ALLEGRO CDFS). Supports 4 devices, has 2.5" and 3.5” ports. One large chip. PIO4+ mode ona ACA 1233n 55 works fine.

    Quote from Jens

    Here's a first glance at the prototype we're currently working on:

    I have a one or two questions/suggestions:

    1. I would still suggest to make CF card accesible from outside (as provided by new A1200 cases)

    2. For people who replace RF modulator with Indivision HDMI/VGA port it might be tight fit as is (because of connecting cable).

    3. On the side note: would it be possible to get separate VGA and HDMI ports for Indivisio? These days it is very easy to get replacement back plate with VGA in place of RF.

    Hi Jens.

    Thank you for an advice. I have acquired one if new buffered IDE interfaces (one chip though). I have 2.5" SATA drive with adapter. Out of the box speed has increased to 2.2MBs but after installing included drivers bumped to 8.8MBs. PIO increased in ACA Tool not IDE interface software. Next step is to replace HDD with M2 SSD (less power and less heating).

    I nedd to resolve PCMCIA not being recognised but it seems to be software issue because PrepCard does see it.


    If they had an option for a break-out *above* the PCMCIA for a CF card,

    This is exactly what they have. It creates convenient way to remove CF card, plug into PC, mount in WinUAE and bang on some fast transfers. Fir occasional transfers of small files I use CF to PCMCIA adapter and another (smaller) CF card. I am aware of a risk of removal of these cards. That is what I use as a hotplug transfer media.


    However, if you mount a NAS share, you only transfer the files that are *currently* needed. And with WHDload loading everything with preload, shutting down the network within the WHDload script is the most obvious thing to do - if you want to avoid copying that amount of data over multiple hops.

    Oh, Jens. I don't see average user doing it. Most of them just stick CF card on the back using long IDE cable or break-out above PCMCIA even DIY on old cases. Cheapest and easiest. Buffered version baired with ACA accelerators.... now, that is something to look for.

    Been there didn't work for me. Firstly it needs working AmigaOS, it doesn't beat recovering large drives from backup *.img files or WinUAE folder copy. USB 3 + SATA HDD is sooo fast in comparison, especially when cooying hundreds or thousands of small files. On the other hand a lot of users do not have a desire, need ir skill to go down that road....

    At the end of the day.... not necessary if you don't like but I see growing popularity of it ( has this as a feature if their new cases together with USB port side mounting)

    I "play" with various setups quite a lot. I have IDE to USB 3, SATA to USB 3 adapters and CF reader on my PC. Advantage is that I make fast backups on PC, I can write image files on PC or use WinUAE and most often I copy large amount of data to my Amiga (e.g. WHDLoad libraries - to update I download all few times a year, ADF libraries, CD32 and CDTV ISO images, other CD ISO files etc.). Connecting CF to PC is by far the most convenient and fastest way. A lot of users do it. Some users run long IDE cables to CF customised cover under a FDD next to mouse porr but most prefer shorter connection. End goal is to have convenience of acces without necessity to open the case. Not just CF, even HDD is removable 😁.

    My original 80MB HDD was 3.5" connected via handmade cable and it was always outside the case back in 1995. I would cooy loads of stuff on it on my friends A4000 and deliver graphics to him (we used to make Amiga games back at the day).

    On a sidenote, if this buffered interface works as expected and layout of the circuit board is slightly changed to bring CF card over PCMCIA port (access from outside as provided in new A1200 cases) it would be THE BEST solution in the market by far (there are CF adapter which provide such lication but they are just eliminating cable and fix LED problem - no buffering)

    Still willing to try and experiment ^^.

    I have ordered buffered ide interface as per your advice (more chips). I realy want to see what IDE soeeder cand do. I am curious because fast IDE adapters are not realy well designed and overlap with Indivision which I do not want to remove.

    I am willing to try and experiment. Iwill be able to try CF, SSD and HDD latter being SATA working over streight adapter but showing the same behaviour: i.e. 2,6MBPS in pio 0 trouble free and coruption in higher PIO settings.

    Not a stupid question. No I did not. I have looked into Storage/DosDrivers and there is no driver to add (original OS had something like CCO device to add). I dod not need it with previous versions I have used. I wa sthinkig to add it manually anyway.

    They don't. However, I don't have buffered Amiga IDE interface. I am trying to find one to buy. However, I have managed to find only on AmigaKit but it will be a month before it arrives. I have to play with it in a meantime.

    To be clear: you say that CF can be accelerated on a buffered interface?


    OK, so you intentionally go against my recommendation.

    Quite the opposite. I want to go away from CF cards. I have both 2.5" HDD and interface for M type SSD and SSD laying around to try.


    I don't see how the type of usage will affect drive strength of data bus drivers. It's either "things work by design", or they fail.

    I didn't state otherwise but people looking for an occasional game in their Amiga are OK with those cheap solutions.

    Thank you Jens. I will try real 2.5" HDD ir SSD converter before I try buffered CF. Honestly, for general purpose of WHDLoad CF is more than enough (DOM maybe even more reliable) but I am confident that SD cards are not reliable enough.

    In my A1200 there is Only ACA 1233n 55 and Indivision AGA MK3. CF is connected directly via external CF adapter (no cable just angled PCB). ROM is 3.X not stock 3.1. I am upgrading to 3.2 now.. CF is 32GB with 3 partitions

    If I increase PIO mode it starts to getbad sectors. Is there a partition limitation or fike system recomendation? Maybe advaced setup in HDD Tool? I will backuo all and repartitiin it if needed.

    I am happy with my 1233n 55 except for one thing: if I try to use IDE speeder my CF card corrupts and it takes a lot of effort to fix bad blocks.

    If you have any advice I will happily stick to my 1233n 55.