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    Get rid of that MeanWell PSU. It's known-bad. The ACA1221 is a 17MHz card - my guess is that you get rid of the crashes if you reduce to 17MHz. The MeanWell PSU is just not up to the task.

    Just an update now I have my CA-PSU - No issues whatsoever running the MK3 and ACA1221 clocked to 28MHz

    Thanks for producing a much needed product to keep our beloved kit safe for years to come.

    Get rid of that MeanWell PSU. It's known-bad. - my guess is that you get rid of the crashes if you reduce to 17MHz.

    Thank you so much for the time taken in replying and your support! As soon as I ran the ACA1221 at 17MHz all was well and the system having less power draw was stable. MeanWell is going after watching your Twitch stream explaining the need for a reliable PSU.

    I had the same problem (also Rev 2b mobo) this week with the Guru’s and sometimes freezing. Since Friday I use CA-PSU and never had a Guru or a freezing problem since than.
    I wrote this on another thread somewhere in this Indivision forum... many problems can be solved with a good PSU.

    I have ordered the incredible CA-PSU and will be using this instead of the MeanWell in my beloved 1200 going forward.

    Can't thank you enough!

    Hey Jens and team, figured I'd throw my experience into this thread regarding my 2B.

    Currently have it installed after a full clean and wipe down of Lisa, First time firm click no install issues.

    Firmware flashed and the MK3 is showing 20200824.

    Working perfectly with no sudden blackouts on my Samsung HDTV.

    1200 Revision 2B recapped by Amiga Passion along with timing fix.

    8GB Sandisk Extreme III CF Hard drive.

    Kickstart 3.1.4.

    ACA1221 @ 28.4Mhz + 64MB.

    Meanwell RT-50B Power supply.



    However after around 15 mins of the amiga being on I get random Guru messages when opening files or launching programs.

    If while this is happening I reboot and attempt to change any display settings using IndivisionAGAmk3 then the system hangs with a yellow screen and reboots or it will allow testing in different modes once or twice before hanging or giving the error that there is a software error and I need to wait for disk activity to finish.

    The MK3 is very hot to the touch and I'm unable to replicate any of these issues when I have a fan blowing air at the MK3 by means of a hair dryer on the cool setting ^^

    Wondered what you would recommend as it's rock solid if kept cool.