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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    I own only a cheap 30fps smartphone camera.

    Ist this one enough?

    we know where to look, use the flippers of the pinball game when you’re making the video. The right flipper is the best to see if there’s any ghosting. At the Dos demo you can see it best after the intro when there are black and white squares on the blue background if I remember it correctly.


    I second this. A video showing pinball dreams (Steel Wheel) flippers and Andromeda "DOS" demo on any LCD would be very nice. I'm not taking my chances until I see definitive proof that there is no ghosting. If the ghosting is eliminated I am very interested in the ECS V3.

    It would be nice if rolle want to make a short video of the DOS demo and Pinball Dreams Steel Wheel table. We love to see here a YouTube link 🤞

    Following this thread with great interest, finally a solution to the ghosting problem of the ECS V2?

    An equally sharp image as the MK3 gives is very promising.

    A short video of the Andromeda demo "DOS" and of the Pinball Dreams "flippers" would be nice here.

    I have a faint memory of a similar case where we found out that Amiga Testkit is no good, but if memory serves right (that's the part that doesn't work too well lately, as I don't get enough sleep for months), it was an address problem, and the program assumed a too-large memory area. THis is definitely not the case here - so the author may have improved it, or it's hidden deeper in debug output.

    Hi Jens,

    Is this the same kind of problem I had when I ran Kickstart 3.1.4 on the ACA500+, if I remember correctly (for the moment this part doesn't work very well either, too little sleep) Amiga Test Kit didn't show the right amount of memory that was present on ACA500+, then I also got a red or green screen.

    Now with 3.1 and the recent 3.2 the memory is shown correctly on Amiga Test Kit and no red or green screens.

    I also placed the ACE2b and it never conflicted with the ACA500+

    hi, would like to purchase an ACA500Plus but shipping was 999 Euros!!! Is this correct?


    We've been able to ship to Ireland with DHL for a while now, but starting today, it's possible with Parcel One again, saving our customers considerable amounts of money.

    Parcels to England will be possible later this week. However, the contents must be worth at least 135 UKP (about 157 EUR at the moment). If the value would be below this threshold, iComp GmbH would have to register for paying VAT in the UK. This was not possible during the past months, as the websites of the UK Government Gateway are plain broken for registrations from Germany. Nobody we've tried to contact felt responsible for taking our taxes. We have therefore stopped our efforts of paying VAT in the UK.

    Since we do not have an obligation to collect UK-VAT for goods worth more than 135 UKP, we have introduced this as a minimum value at checkout if the shipping address is in England. If this value is not reached, shipping will be shown as 999,- EUR, indicating that we can't process the order legally. We therefore recommend to organize group orders. However, if the total value of goods is more than 1000,- EUR, we have to do more customs paperwork that can't be handled through this shop system. Please contact us via eMail In such a case.

    May I intervene here for a moment?

    I had the same gurus (8000 0004) when I installed the AGA MK3. I used the original PSU, when I bought the CA-PSU from Jens I haven't had a single guru since. Hopefully they will be back in the shop soon.

    .That said, SMD assembly has been confirmed for next week, then comes THT-selective soldering, then manual soldering of the VGA output, CPLD programming and flashing, testing, packing.. maybe late September. I don't expect any further delays, as we have the VGA cables in stock and we also have plenty of packing material.

    Jens, is there any change of an upgrade offer from the ECS V2 I bought here less than a year ago. I posted here a time ago some examples and a video in this thread from the ‘ghosting’ I have, even with the Eizo S1933

    Or is it possible to upgrade my ECS V2 without buying the new one. Only one problem, I can’t do any soldering.


    Recently I wanted to buy something for my A1200 and ended up with this and it came today. The hardware seems to be top quality, and even the 'snap on' connection to the chips was surprisingly firm and will bropably work flawlessly. Only problem was that it wouldn't fit with my RTC module so I need to get a riser for it.

    And now for the question. Do I really need to look at the Individual Computers 'pop up' with all the display mode specs every time I change screen mode or can it be disabled?

    Currently I have absolutely no idea how to set this up but if I need to look at it every time the screen mode changes (for example switching between workbench and some other program which has opened it's own screen with different resolution) I will not even bother because it sure gets my blood boiling. And for an ending, I have to say that the product wasn't quite what I expected. For this price I was hoping to just plug the HDMI and the device would do it's magic converting 'what ever screen mode' to the modern display, but seems there is quite a lot to fiddle about. But I'm sure it will be worth it and I'll do it some day - but only if I just can disable the pop up.

    in the test/adjust section set the OSDSec to zero and press okay 😲

    Hi i don’t speak English or German i use Google traslator but i don’t understand what i have to do to have audio hdmi. I am not able to enter in config tools and proceed with the settings. I understand that it is my limitation for this reason I am asking you for help otherwise I cannot exploit the qualities of the mk3 being without audio

    open the config tool, click on ‘advanced’, then under Global setting choose a mode for the audio.

    On this blog you can find more useful things

    Many problems can be solved if you read the manual, not only on this topic but in this forum in general.

    I already read the manual before I buy anything, I have already read a lot of manuals here.

    I can agree with what Jens says about the ACA500+, it's a new world that opens up for you.