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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Yup, I do. I get random read/write errors and even occasional reboots if the IDE speeder is active, only after an hour or two, but they don't happen at all if I have it switched off, so I think it's my current not-so-great cf->ide adapter causing it, or at least contributing to the issue.

    In case it helps, I also have a similar setup: A1200, ACA1233n @55Mhz, OS3.2. KickStart 47 in ROM and I have no problems with my PCMCIA adapters.

    sadzak Sorry if this is a silly question but have you reinstalled the compact flash and Fat95 drivers etc. after your clean install?

    No worries at all, that's why I didn't link them in the original post. Please feel free to delete the others too if it avoids the possibility of generating further grief for anyone.

    I am happy to make stuff if there's nothing else available but if there might be at some point I am also happy to wait. I've made a couple of those open-source unbuffered interfaces in the past, because there was nothing else available, and they have worked okay for me but I know not for everyone. I haven't the skill to design a buffered one myself, and no time to learn how, so I'm more than happy to try and help support those who do.

    ...In fact thinking about how that type of device is attached straight to the data bus, usually with a wonky, cheap CF or CF adapter plugged into them, that might well explain why a lot of real Amiga 1200s glitch out randomly every now and then, my own included. The same software image run on WinUAE is totally stable, as is my ACA500+ since I switched to using good quality real CF cards in it.

    Is there anywhere else we might be able to get a buffered interface, or an open source one we can build? There doesn't seem to be a single one for sale anywhere on Ebay at the moment, and AmigaKit are, well... I would personally really prefer not to have to deal with them based on my previous personal experiences, and also their current seemingly hostile and overreaching behaviour towards others in the community.

    The ones I installed were...

    MI0805K400R-10 Laird Ferrite Beads 40ohms 100MHz 1.5A Monolithic 0805 SMD

    They were the only ones Mouser had in stock at the time, in the right size, same Mhz and _roughly_ similar resistance to your recommendation. So I figured they were worth a try.


    Finally the ferrite beads have arrived, and I've had the time to try them... and they seem to have fixed the issues with both my 1D4 1200 boards.

    Interestingly, one of the boards had a resistor at E127R, but the other had what looks like a ferrite there already. Both were exhibiting the same graphical glitches, so I thought it was worth a shot to swap out both... and both boards now seem to be 100% glitch free. So a dodgy ferrite bead maybe? The original solder still looked good and there were no visible cracks or anything, so I think it was factory fitted.

    I don't know if it's possible to measure the old ferrite bead I took off in any way useful (it has 0 ohms resistance on my test meter as expected) but I still have it at the moment, so if anyone wants me to check anything about it please let me know. Something about the ferrite bead seems to have been equally guilty of causing the glitches, as the 27 ohm resistor which was on the other board.

    I now don't seem to need to turn on any of the CCK pullup or capacitance options in the Indivison tool either.


    Apologies for inserting myself into your conversation but please may I ask a question? I have the same as you're seeing on my 1D4 machine, when trying to use dblpal/higfx etc. modes (I think I previously mentioned it in a different thread), and I've stumbled across this on Aminet...

    I thought it sounded unlikely but since it was easy to check by just changing the palette in Workbench, I tried it... and it does seem to fix the flickering issue for me completely (changing the palette, not shorting the resistor). I literally just change the white colour in the Workbench palette to be 254, 254, 254, and the flickering stops. I am not sure if the hardware change also mentioned in the link is a good solution, or even if shorting the resistor E127R would be safe to try, so I would appreciate knowing what you guys think, you know a lot more than me about it than I do.

    Thanks in advance! :)

    Thanks for the information, I'm glad you had a good experience with them. It doesn't sound like too much of a hassle which is great news, I might give it a go myself later today. Did you have to pay both German, and UK VAT or just one?

    I had the same problem, I don't think it's the disk format, I think it'll be the SD card adapters/cf cards. I tried 3 different SD->CF adapters, all of different design, and although they all worked okay in the primary slot, none did not in the Aux slot. I believe they draw just a little too much power or something, and the Aux port power cycles when it detects a card, so is different to the main one (Jens explained it in a post on somewhere on the forum), I believe other folks have had similar problems with some CF cards too. Have a look on the forum for other posts for more info, there are a few.

    After I read the posts I mentioned, I bought 2 real CF cards (32GB Sandisk ones, straight from Amazon, not a third party seller), and have since had no issues in either port.

    Hi Jens,

    Thanks for continuing to try and solve the UK import issues, I do hope you can find a way through the red tape eventually. The products and customer support iComp provide are some of the best I have found in the entire Commodore community, and I appreciate your continued support for our existing purchases in the UK, despite things being difficult at present. I am sure a lot of other UK customers also feel the same.

    I still have at a lot of items I would like to buy from iComp's available current product list, I think over 1,000 euros in value, last time I looked. That's not including the new announced ones like the ACA-1240/1260 you folks are currently working on. I was working my way through the list as quickly as my hobby money would allow, so fingers crossed!

    Do you know if it might be possible to purchase digital items like P96 any time soon, in order to extend our ability to download them?

    Also, and please forgive me if this is a bad idea, if I understood the UK import rules (I might not have, they are intentionally a little vague I think), it seemed like companies only have to collect VAT for puchases up to £135. If this is the case, might it be possible to ship higher value orders, and let us pay the VAT and a logistics company handle some of the paperwork, at least in the short term?

    Lastly, and I am genuinely sorry if I offend anyone who voted for Brexit by saying this out loud, I hope folks all across the EU will continue to keep in mind that pretty much half of the UK did not vote for Brexit. I cannot properly convey how sad all of Brexit continues to make me personally. I did not vote for it, and I am particularly unhappy with how it has been implemented, especially the part where our government chose not to be part of the EU single market. I do agree to put up with the consequences of the decision because there was a democratic vote (two if you count the election)... I just don't personally think it was a good one.

    I do not hold much hope of the UK government fixing things any time soon. They seem to be pretending the changes to VAT reporting and other paperwork are not really an issue, they do not appear to be sorting it out, and we're stuck with this government until at least the next general election which is 4 years away. At the moment with Covid still ravaging us, the news focus is not on UK<->EU as much as it would be otherwise, and a lot of other national level issues also aren't being addressed for the same reason, as I am sure is the case all around the world. UK businesses that deal with Europe are struggling badly, and the advice from our government has so far been "Move to the EU, if that's where you want to be." which is the answer I'd expect from a petulant child, not the government of a country in the G7.

    Anyhow, I'll stop ranting because it isn't useful I suppose - again to anyone I have offended with my opinions on Brexit, I am sorry and I am genuinly happy to be proven wrong over time.

    Cheers and have a good day. :)

    Did anyone find a suitable export service yet? All of the ones I've looked at so far are a rip off. Paying VAT twice and charging silly fees on top.

    I know it's not your fault but that's a shame to read. I hope you can manage to get it all sorted out, so that we can start ordering stuff to the UK again soon.

    Yep that was it, I had Graffiti emulation switched on for low and hi-res PAL, good call! :)
    Switching Graffiti emulation off, fixes the issues in Second Samurai, Ugh!, Wiz'n'Liz and Worms DC. I am now wondering if some of the other screen blinking I was seeing occasionally might have been due to me leaving the Graffiti emulation switched on. In the words of the great and forever wise Homer Simpson... doh!

    The only remaining thing is the very minor screen blinking out during the intro to the game Universe, which doesn't seem to be affected by the Graffiti emulation state. It's only for a second or two during the initial title animation, and I haven't seen it anywhere else in the game so far, so I am really not too concerned about it unless I find a bunch of other places it happens. I am wondering if the game does something weird with the screen mode or copper list at the start, it's quite colourful for an ECS game but I think it's just using some well designed palettes and timely colour switching.

    Cheers! :)