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Don't Panic. Please wash hands.

    Thanks for docs!

    I am very happy about this!!!

    It looks very good! I am very interesred in.

    Now I have all docs about ACA500plus and ACA1233n.

    Could we, as customers, count on new version of ACA series devices

    with SSD 2,5 hd and CD-ROM drive controller additional to CF card readers /on PCMCIA interface I suppose, as device desribed " friendly ".

    CF cards readers are very good idea. I like it.

    And last question:

    Why ACA1233n supports 26,67Mhz speed instead of 28MHz master clock's speed? Why don't You choose 28Mhz of Master clock of Amiga 500?

    I want to buy this interface card

    I have little trouble to get full docs about this card and A1200 cpu card.

    Can You send me for e-mail full docs.

    Block diagram, schemtaics, memory map of full computer with all card installed together, list of devices, I/O ports in RAM, interrupts, DMA, IDE controller, which one ultra ATA, all registers of chipset of the ACA500plus and some information how2work that card with 3 host buses on 3 different speed frequences?

    Can You compare that construction to Amiga 3000 with chipsets like SuperDMAC, Ramsey, Amber, SuperBuster, FatGary and 32 bit ZorroIII slots?

    I want to use at least card with this features:

    33MHz Host Bus

    128 MB RAM

    2 contrllers IDE (EIDE) UltraATA/33 pio compatible

    68030 at 33MHz

    I have heard about E-MATRIX 530 by DCE but now it is impossible to wherever buy it!

    Can You help me?