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    Hi. Thank you.

    So I must correct two things.

    Change the ide cable for a shorter one.

    Use the original PSU unit.

    Then I must check if the problems have disappeared. Otherwise I must remove the capacitors.

    I need some time to assemble the equipment and get a smaller ide ribbon.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi. Thank you very much for your reply.

    The PSU is a new PSU bought from Amigastore, it is not an original PSU, maybe that is the problem? I have two units of this PSU. The other is used in an A500 with ACA500+ without any problem at the moment.

    The Amiga 1200 uses a compact flash card to simulate the hard drive. It is an original Cloanto compact flash with workbench 3.1 + BetterWB.

    The ACA1233n was purchased in May 2019 in your store. It works perfectly when I deactivate the 68030 processor and use it as a memory expansion of 8 (or 9?) MB, when I activate the 68030 and the 128MB is when I have problems. I use this computer to launch games with WHDLoad and demos of the scene. Some demos have graphics errors, with pixels disappearing or freezing. WDHLoad games sometimes won't start or freeze during gameplay.

    Sometimes the operating system just freezes.

    It uses the default speed, I don't remenber if is 33 Mhz. I has a clock port.

    During all this time I have thought that the problem is software. It is software that may not be prepared to handle that processor, but I disassembled the A1200 to apply retrobright I think it is a good time to ask about the capacitors and provide photos.



    I don't know anything about electronics and before sending the Amiga to a specialized store I want to ask here. I have disassembled the board from the Amiga 1200 to verify if I have the infamous E123C, E125C, E121C or E122C capacitors assembled. I have stability issues with the ACA1233n. I have taken some photos to see if someone can help me. It has the evil capacitors?

    Thanks for your help.

    It worked, thanks. But why did this happen? This is the first time I've done a firmware update to the card. Can the flash memory be erased in other situations?

    Hi, thanks for answering.

    I have two commodore amiga to try out: one is modified with a gotek and the other is unmodified.

    The card has been connected for over a year without problems, suddenly it stopped working.

    I've cleaned the connectors. I tried two PSUs. I keep getting the same errors.

    The commodores work without the card connected.

    Please, what does this error code mean? What can I do? Is the card broken?

    I can't upload the photos because their size is too big, few links with the photos with the problems and with the two commodore working.

    [external pictures deleted - please downsize and upload here]

    Thank you.

    Hi, yesterday my aca500plus card didn't work. I tried it on two different commodore amiga with the same result. The error "EXC33" appears on the screen while it's starting up.


    A0 0050ED7C A1 0050ED7C

    A2 00C01000 A3 0050000C

    A4 00500000 A5 00AF1100

    A6 00DFF000 A7 00C00FF6

    D0 98D13BED D1 0000ED80

    D2 0000ED70 D3 00000000

    D4 00000000 D5 B4FFB9FF

    D6 FFFFFFFF D7 00000000


    SR 2704

    I bought this card in individual computers in February 2019, I would like to know if it is under warranty and what are the instructions to follow.

    Thank you.