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    The 230V version is available now. Only the 110V version is not in stock.

    There's a bug in your site. When you search from the search box and click on the link, it takes you to the product page with 230V selected but it says "Out of Stock" and if you choose 110 then choose 230 again then it shows in stock. So I didn't know they are in stock if you hadn't told me this and it's still requires effort to order them. Maybe you need to check this as probably most people are thinking it's not in stock.

    Jens this thread can be resolved. I think timing issues with the 1D4 mobo was the issue. As I've installed a 1233n -55 I'm considering buying another A1200 with an acceptable mobo revision for the 1221lc.


    Maybe removing the passives from the bottom part of the mobo would be a cheaper solution for you and 1D4 is the best revision for A1200.

    Go down to "Possible required modifications."

    I am getting an A600 equipped with A630 / 25Mhz. Since A630 is no longer available, the information is very limited. I just need to understand one thing, I have a spare 68030/50 laying around, is it possible to upgrade the CPU and the memory from 32 to 64 or they are all on board and soldered?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I can't seem to find it.

    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks Jens.

    I'll fiddle with it when I find some time. Just one more question, if I modify it to use a different ROM, will it stay there forever (until I change it) and load that ROM every time I turn on the Amiga? I'm guessing it will boot normally and automatically restart and load the ROM file to the flash. So it will boot twice each time I power it on but soft reset will not be affected.


    I'm just curious about one thing, I did research and couldn't find the answer.

    Is it possible to load/write a different ROM (Namely 3.1.4) to the card and use it instead of the one that's physically installed on the board (Namely 3.x)? (Similar to what ACA500+ does) or does it only copy the physical ROM for faster access and performance?

    If the answer is yes, is there a guide/tutorial aboout it?

    I apologize if this has been asked before.

    Thanks in advance.

    Maybe a bit off topic but I am thinking about modding a good PC PSU to use with my Amigas. I wonder if a stable PC PSU would be enough to resolve any potential issues or do we still need a better designed Amiga PSU?

    And Jens I want to discuss something about some possible review opportunities for some products for my upcoming new column on a long running PC magazine here in Turkey (270+ issues). I couldn't find a proper section to start a thread and your profile is private therefore I can't send any messages. So I apologize for cluttering this thread.

    Thanks in advance


    Since my question is somewhat related and somehow answered here, I didn't want to create a separate thread. I have bought an ACA 1221lc and I will buy an ACA 500+ next week. On ACA 500+ page ( the following is stated:


    The A1200 CPU card connector is meant for further CPU and RAM upgrades. It is guaranteed to work with our ACA1220, ACA1221(ec), ACA1232 and ACA1233(n) models. Our older ACA1230 accelerators are not supported. We will therefore only answer support questions about ACA1220, ACA1221(ec), ACA1232 and ACA1233(n) accelerators.

    1221lc is not listed here, so is it just outdated information or 1221lc is not compatible with ACA 500+?

    Thanks in advance.