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    Hi Francisco, I realize this message is a little late however I had a strange issue with my ACA500plus where it wasn't working properly and it turned out to be a bad trap door ram expansion, I removed it and the ACA500 started working beautifully after that. I've since replaced the trap door expansion with a brand new one and everything is well.

    Well after some extensive tinkering I've found that the trap door ram card was causing it. I suppose since I have an OCS Agnus I can leave that out for now until I upgrade that chip. Thank you for making an awesome product and your prompt replies to this post.


    I'm going to try cleaning the contacts when I get home later. I did unplug the unit and then plug it back in and got an e0 error with a exc27 error on screen. I unplugged it again and reseated it and it was again working but still not booting Workbench from the new installs. I have an original power supply which I've inspected and found caps in good order.

    I do have some cheap ones I've tried however I also have some legit SanDisk cards that were purchased in the store. They all appear to install Workbench just fine but then fail to boot. I've used the auto installer function numerous times in the past and it has always worked fine until tonight. Also strange that SysInfo will no longer run but every other program will.

    Hello, I have an NTSC A500 Rev5 and have had an ACA500Plus for a few months now, everything has been working great until tonight. Tonight I decided play around with VistaPro until it crashed the system, after I rebooted everything appeared to work fine however SysInfo will not open, I double click on the icon and it does nothing, strange. So then I decided to try and do a fresh install of Workbench on a clean CF, the system goes through the normal install routine but then when it's time to reboot it will not boot from the fresh CF, it will just hang on a black screen. I tried 4 other CF cards and all will complete the install but then not boot into Workbench. The strange thing is the original CF I was using before still boots into Workbench just fine. What could be causing this?