indivision ECS V2 order 69953

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  • Hello,

    Would like to know about my last order number 69953, shipped 15jan2020.

    This is the first order that is taking too long to come to me. All the others came in reasonable time.

    Please, let me know about it...tracking number LB777157131DE

    Thank you

  • Shipping to Brazil with registered mail is indeed quite slow, but the good news is that your shipment has been scanned by the Brazilian post for the first time today. If you require further information for customs, we have a full shipping documentation with pictures and weight of the contents, down to a fraction of a gram, plus a picture of the final parcel. Send me an e-Mail if you need that (note: RG20-0167).

  • I have sent the shipping documentation to your e-mail address - it'll help you check if there's anything missing. Even if the outer packing is banged-up, it's very likely that the unit itself has survived the trip, as there's quite some protective parts around it.

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