Cooling of ACA1233n

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  • I now have two A1200s, one with ACA1221ac for WHLoad, and now my new one with ACA1233n for "serious" work. (Great little cards btw!) The 68030 gets noticeably hotter, and since it's still in a desktop case, I was wondering if I need to think about cooling for long-term ownership? If recommended, is there a heatsink that fits well with the provided holes?

  • The 68030 does not need active cooling - not even the 55MHz cards that were available until recently. If you're worried about heat, you can just leave the trapdoor open, but since space is very tight under the keyboard, there's hardly any room for a heat sink. The holes are actually meant to carry such a heat sink, but since the 68030 CPU has a very high junction temperature spec (after all, they've been used in aviation), I never took the time to design a heat sink.

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