Lallafa's MiniMigCore with Clockport enabled / or: RRNET enabled in MiniMig :)

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  • I am in need to get my TC_V2 online when using the minimig-core, and I read that @lallafa made one for the V1 back in the days which enabled the use of the clockport which is present on the TC. I really want this for my TC-version 2 so that I can hook up a SilverSurfer to get online.

    BUT: I my first wish is (since it's xmas now and the time for miracles) that the MiniMig can use the RRNET module in my TC_V2 so I can use e.g. Miami to hook my minimig to a cabled network.

    I would love to hear from others who have been in the same thought process :-)

  • RR-Net is not good for the Amiga. The reason is that the Ethernet chip does not support IRQs when it's in 8-bit mode, but that 8-bit mode is required, because the clock port is only 8 bits wide.

    As a result, a sana2-driver (which would be required on the Amiga) would not only be slow because of the limited bandwidth on the clock port, it would also use lots of CPU time, because it would have to poll periodically for Ethernet events to be handled.

    That's not the way you do hardware drivers - the Amiga is more sophisticated than that.

  • Ah ok, thanks for the heads up. Now that I can cross off RRNET on the minimig core, my question of course (hehe): is there a way to network the minimig core based of the connectors on the tc / docking ? E.g. a serialport or somethng ?

    I know lallafa dig a hack with the clockport on the V1 core using a silversurfer, if I recall correctly, and I am only looking for a way to get online even if it means "slow" speeds (since I will mostly do telnet anyway).

    Tips are welcome :)

  • Using a Silversurfer would mean that you have IRQs for the driver - already an enhancement over RR-Net. So yes, if the clock port is accessible from the Minimig core, then the Silversurfer can be used, and you can SLIP your way into the big wide world.

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