Please add CANADA to your list of countries on your SHOP

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  • You have every other country but Canada in the country list when I attempt to purchase items from your store front which is very frustrating. Can you please add Canada and its provinces so I can purchase some parts that I need for my build.




  • Can you also fix the address fields on your shop. Here in North American we don't go by the street name and then the bulding/house number. It goes all on one line. So like "2175 Rebecca St." we don't display is like you do "Rebecca St." "2175". Or our postage services would have a shit fit and the package takes many months to sort out.



  • Canada is in, and has always been. It's just that some web browsers don't send the language setting properly, so our web server believes that you're in Germany and serves the German page. This results in the country list being German, and Canada is written "Kanada". The web browser probably makes you think that you'Re browsing the English page because it translates automatically - you should better scroll down and click on "English", then you have a hand-made translation and the country list also in English where Canada is at the right spot in the alphabet where you expect it :-)

    The order of house number and street name is of course known by our shipping sytem, but we had to create a separate field, because many people just forgot to add the house number. With a separate field, the shop system can check presence of the number and prompt you to enter it if it's missing. Our shipping system automatically does the swap if the shipment goes to a country where it's "House number first" (that's England, USA, Canada, Australia and France).

    Even if the Deutsche Post re-swaps the order (which they frequently apologize for), the information is transferred electronically to the local postal service ahead of time. Parcel routing is mostly an automated process these days, with very little chance of a human reading the address and getting it wrong. We ship almost daily to these countries, and parcels arrive within about a week.