BUDDHA 20TH (Need Help for New License)

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  • Good Day,

    I've just bought it and i was really excited to install it on my A2000. I follow all the procedure connecting my IDE HD of 20Gb.

    Then i realize that ROM and Software update was needed for bigger sizes. I follow the right procedure to unprotected the BUDDHA with the left mouse hold click sequence.

    1st procedure:

    - Buddaflashtool Buddha_ROM_52-101.bin . Result succes.:thumbup:

    Then i realize that for my version also the new file with the new update was in site ready to be installed, so i download this file:

    - File:BuddhaInstallUpdate1.2.lha.

    2nd procedure:

    unpack files and try again to flash the ROM with the new bin file and copy over the new install files on the DOM.

    I've tried to flash the rom file, and i've got a message that the rom is protected and fail the update.

    Plus during the copy process of the file i made a mistake some important file went deleted.

    Now i am, really desperate. ;( (I know that in the DOM are licensed files and are not available for download).

    And now it stop the install procedure when boot up.

    There is any chance to buy again only the DOM ?

    Waiting for good news,

    I Send my Best Regards,


  • THe ROM always contains the latest binary if you have "just purchased". Since the flash is normally protected if you don't start with the right mouse button held, you wouldn't be able to flash it anyway. So the only reason why you've seen "success" is that there was nothing to update.

    The DOM also contains the latest version, maybe except for the low-memory handling that we've recently added. With all installation files being located in separate partitions of the DOM, it's hard to overwrite anything there. Please describe what's missing; maybe we can provide the required files anyway.

  • These are the two messages i got.

    1st during boot with DOM.

    2nd when I want to install in workbench.

    I've just installed the last update and now the rom update went good, i saw the green screen at boot, with right mouse button holding.

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