ACA1233n problems

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  • Hello,

    My ACA1233n doesn't work properly with either my A1200 or my A500 with a new ACA500plus. I have tried different power supplies, and now I tried with a new stronger power supply.

    On my A1200 it made the amiga most of the times stop from booting and when it finally booted the Amiga crashed after a while and then could not be rebooted with ctrl-A-A. My ACA1221ec is working perfect with this Amiga.

    On my A500 with ACA500 plus, the Amiga started but crashed after a while. It could be rebooted with ctrl-A-A but after a few times it just stopped with a yellow screen. Now the A500 won't boot at all with the ACA1233n connected to my ACA500plus.

    Warranty TTJTA bought at GGS-Data 2018-11-08. I talked to Gunne and since you can't supply new accelerators he wanted me to ask if I may send the accelerator straight to you or if you have any other ideas.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks for the quick response.

    First I tried pull it back a mm on the ACA500plus and it started once, when I did ctrl-A-A I got yellow screen again. Then when I turned off and on the power the display on the ACA500plus stopped at code S0 (50)?? It also stopped there after every ctrl-A-A and I didn't get to the start-screen of the ACA500+. To test the ACA500+ I plugged in the ACA1221ec and it worked like a charm.

    I then tried to connect the ACA1233n to the A1200 and pulled it back a mm and had it boot straight into Frontier from floppy and the intro hanged after a couple of seconds. I tried to do some resets and turn off/on the power but the A1200 wouldn't boot up again with the ACA1233n.

    Best regards,


  • So this does sound like a contact problem. We could exchange the connector on the board, hoping to be able to reproduce the issue here. Yes, please send it directly - I have made a note that GGS Daata is refusing to do after sales support.