Catweasel 4 DIY kits and/or buying Gerber files? (crossing my fingers!)

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  • While it has already been established that the Catweasel 4 series won't see another production run in this forum thread, I hope it's still in order to ask a question about other possible ways of getting a card. Since all retailers are out of new cards, I've been looking for a used card the last few months. Unfortunately, the outlook isn't all that good - like many Amiga peripherals, prices are through the roof. A good example of the staggering prices can be found in this Amibay thread - the seller is asking €499 for a Catweasel 4 card (yes, you read that right - €499!), and at least one Amibay seller has expressed interest in buying it. I think it pretty much goes without saying that I'd much, much rather support Icomp and Amiga hardware development by buying brand new hardware than shelling out money for an old card that a seller wants to profit on.

    All of this being said - Icomp, would you please be willing to sell Catweasel 4 Plus "DIY"-kits? I think it would be a really fun project to build/solder my own card, and it would beat every single "offer" available on Amibay, Ebay and similar marketplaces. Optionally, if you don't find it realistic to sell kits like these, would you consider selling Gerber files, a list of components and any firmware to allow users to print their own Catweasel PCBs and source the components they need?

    Any solution that will cater to people who would like to use the Catweasel in their upcoming Amiga A1222 Tabor is most welcome. With Steven Jones amazing Checkmate 1500 case in mind, I would really like to have an authentic Amiga experience - and that means having a 3.5" floppy, two joystick ports and one keyboard port for my A3000 keyboard! The way I see it, that means getting a Catweasel 4 one way or another :thumbup:.

  • The Catweasel MK4plus was not Amiga hardware; it's a pure PCI device. There are two showstoppers for a new production run:

    1) we could not get Windows 64-bit drivers to work, even with the help of companies with full Microsoft support

    2) the PCI bridge that I chose back then is not available any more.

    Further, the FPGA on the unit is a really old type, an ACEX1k30. These aren't made any more either. A full re-design would be required, and this would require quite a number of orders to make it profitable. I don't believe that PCI cards can sell in the required quantities these days.

    I did think of re-making the Catweael MK2, as that's fairly easily doable. I remember that AmigaKit used to make special cables, so the Catweasel MK2 could be used on the IDE port of their PPC boards. This would solve the floppy-part of the equation.

    Joysticks and Amiga keyboards should probably be extracted into a separate (USB-) product.

    Gerber files, a list of components and any firmware

    Hardly an option, as this would include rights, which we require for the next incarnation of the Catweasel.

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