RapidRoad on ACA500PLUS help

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  • I have an Amiga 500, ACA500PLUS ACA1233n and a x-surf500, I just received my RapidRoad and hooked it up to my ACA1233n clockport, white lite on, installed the software and then I tried to take it online, no dice.

    It said...unit 0 failed.

    Have I done something wrong?

    Am I missing something?

  • I have found my problem, I managed to get the RR working and it saw everything I tried on it.

    I turned it on the next day, and the light was not on, and the RR was warm to the touch.

    It has not worked since, just gets warm.

    I have an original A500 power supply.

    What can I check, or should I send it back ?

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