ACA500plus not powering up

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  • Good Evening all

    I purchased an ACA500plus 2nd hand and the seller has taken my money and ran. When I power up the A500 the lights on the ACA500plus flicker once and then nothing. The A500 will not power up with the ACA500plus installed.

    Sorry the ACA500plus has no warranty/build information on it. Is there anyone in Australia that can test / repair or can it be returned and repaired at a cost.


  • Please take a picture of both sides. There are normally two stickers with a warranty ID on them, and a third with a 2D barcode from the assembly company if it's the newer version.

  • Both stickers removed - too bad. The person can't even prove that the unit was purchased legally now. The CF card slots look a bit banged up (I see a total of 5 bent pins), and the fact that the warranty ID has been removed doesn't help checking the history of this card.

    If you have any information about the seller, please e-Mail it to me; I'll see if I can find any communication that indicates a wrong connection or other known defect.

    Please see if the DisMo part is loose or if it's still tightly glued to the main ACA500plus.

    Please also describe more precisely what the card does; "flicker" is not a very good word, as I don't even know if it's on screen or the DisMo. The DisMo has a 2-digit display and a dual-colour LED. What the card *should* do is to display a rotation animation on the 2-digit display, then set a colour for the LED - this is happening in the first few bytes of the code. If that works, there's a good chance we can repair it.

  • What you see there is the startup of the DisMo itself, but no control from the CPU-side. Please try to go to de-brick mode: Switch on, then press and hold the DisMo button until the "0_" is visible, then do a keyboard reset. Is there anything more happening then?

    For a closer investigation, the card would need to be here, but without any warranty ID, I won't have the possibility to prove to customs that this thing was properly exported from Europe, so I'll have to pay import duties. After repairs, I'll have to give it a new warranty ID for software licensing, which will raise the price even more.

    Find out the name of the oroginal owner, otherwise a new card may be cheaper.

  • I'm sorry, but that's not a success - it merely means that the DisMo has understood that you want to launch in de-brick mode. It's something that the DisMo does on it's own, without help from the main processor.

    Time to gather more information about the seller - if you don't want to open that up here, just send me an e-Mail and I'll see if we can find some history about this card.

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