So which Amiga should I pick up? Used to have A500 until about 20 years ago

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  • Hello everyone,,

    I want to get back in Amiga mostly for game playing. I have tried emulator but it is just meh so I'm looking for a real one. There's a few models around from 500 to 4000. Which one should I look for that is mostly gaming?

    I still have a 2MB side car RAM expansion for 500 if I stick with 500 but 600 and 1200 looks nicer for later games. I still have a Commodore monitor that works with RGB-A and RGB-I in, it is currently used with my Commodore 128. Also is there a FS forum on Reddit for Commodore or Amiga stuff? Would rather not get one from eBay, too many "untested" system that often means seller tested it and found it doesn't work and not worth fixing.

    BTW in USA

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  • IMHO The best gaming machine is the A500 with an ACA500plus. It will let you run WHDload, and it'll be a lot cheaper than an A1200. Even if the A500 has a defective floppy drive and a missing/defective trapdoor memory expansion, you'll have everything you need to get started.

    While the A500 does not have the AGA chipset that the A1200 has, the few games that actually require AGA to run are not really worth the extra expense.

    Personally, I'd look for an A500 in classifieds, or maybe at a Goodwill store. Not sure about flea markets in your area, but they are also worth looking at.

    If you currently have a C128, be careful with the power supply: The C128 PSU fits physically into an A500, A600 or A1200, but it will destroy these Amiga models. You should mark the plugs and computers with different colours, or even place them in totally different positions of the room. It's definitely a bad idea to put both computers on the same desk, as that's an accident just waiting to happen.

  • As Jens says really.....a A500 is the best you know Ebay can be a Minefield when buying Amiga`s.....I bought one A500 as "powers up...sold as seen" but when i got it it had a Green Screen Fault(chip ram error)....a few days ago i got another A500 rev 6a and it works just fine...nice 1.3 rom in it too.Now there is the A500+ but most will have battery leakage by now...that can kill the Motherboard in a nasty way so unless its Shown as working then run away.

    The A600 is a great option....small and compact.....easy to add a SD card as a hard-drive for WHDload etc....Both Amiga`s can be equipped with a Geotec drive...this replaces the Floppy drive with a upgrade that uses a USB stick to load games from.

    One thing i do say to anyone thats selling an Amiga is..."does the power light come on and stay on..?" if i get Replies like "no its not been plugged in for years" ask them to plug it in and ask this question ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ if the power light flashes there`s a fault that might be able to be fixed at a cost.

    IF you do facebook im Amiga a600/500

    A600 Furia with 020/33 9.5 meg fast...32gb SD...Pi1 Dfo: Geotec DF1:....A604n...Indivision V2...RTC....Prisma card Wirless Keyboard

    A500 rev6a project

    Xbox Classic with WinUAEX

    Rasberry PI3/Amibian

    Dell Laptop Winuae

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