PC Engine on v2

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  • more weirdness...

    first, i noticed when playing with the remote, the values in the second and third block are changing with some delay to the first block... sometimes :)

    OK well the idea with the second and third block is that the second one will latch any recently seen zero bits, while the third block latches recently seen high bits - both are reset every second or so, on a fixed shedule for simplicity's sake, so it's normal for the delay to vary. The idea is just to make brief transients readable, since we don't have the luxury of signaltap here.


    then... now that you asked for the fourth row, i noticed something else: when i run the core using chaco (power up, then use chaco to start the core slot) the third and fourth row are all zeros (and do not change ever). now, if i select the core in the chameleon menu, the third and fourth row will contain somehwhat random values (that dont change either) - but ONLY if there is a sd card inserted when the core starts. when i remove the sd card before, the values will also be all zeros.

    That's *very* weird. Is there a schematic available for the V2 hardware?

    OK let's go right back to basics here. Here's a build of Peter's hardware test core, which he updated recently to fix the transients I was seeing on my setup. So this is the same version of the IO module, built with the same version of Quartus as the PCEngine core. Could you just double check that this works correctly on your machine, please?

  • hw test works, no glitches from C64 keyboard or joysticks

    schematic is in the wiki: http://wiki.icomp.de/w/images/…ameleon_schematics_v2.pdf

    Excellent, thanks. I think I might have cracked it - please test the attached when you have a moment.

    (Comparing line-by-line the hwtest and PCE toplevel, I noticed that I wasn't writing default values to the clockport control lines, so a clockport device might be visible on the bus and interfere with the IO module. I think you have something attached to your clock port, and I don't - which is why the core was working for me and not for you.)

    I still have to work around the interference between the C64's first joystick port and the keyboard, but that's relatively trivial.

  • Indeed, i have RR-NET installed - and indeed, i think you cracked it! only did a quick test, but salamander seems to work now, and the numbers in debug output change when wiggling the joystick!

    good job, nice!

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