Message from HDToolBOX and cd-rom drive install

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  • Hello,

    I get this message from HDToolBox and the CD-ROM install

    failed to initialize can't find buddha semaphore!

    CF card is working and the installation software on the DOM can format and install.

    thank you.

  • The new flash rom does not use the Buddha semaphore any more - it just acts as Atapi device if an Atapi device is found. The device name to use is buddhascsi.device - not buddha_atapi.device. You may need to edit the mount list after the flash update.

  • Ok, that is good to hear that I should have the latest firmware.

    I experimented a bit.

    If cdrom and hdd are connected during install with use of the DOM, the CD drivers are automatically installed wrongly on buddha_atapi.device number 5.

    If only hdd is connected during install with DOM, the CD drivers are not installed automatically. After install with DOM, I connect the cdrom to the Buddha (as slave on same IDE cable). I run install of Buddha_CD_install and cancel the window that shows the (incorrectly) detected buddha_atapi.device and manually enter buddhascsi.device at number 1. And this works out ok.